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Ravenlok: How to Unlock Puzzle Box and Get Shiny Emblem

Complete a simple puzzle to get a fancy curio for Obie the Elder!




One of the quests in Ravenlok will task you with collecting a Shiny Emblem for Obie the Elder.

This emblem is hidden inside the fancy Mask Mansion and can only be obtained if you solve a puzzle. The puzzle itself is fairly simple, but the actual clues are spread all over the mansion!

In this guide, we’ll tell you the solution to this puzzle so you can pick up the Shiny Emblem.

How to Open the Puzzle Box and Get Shiny Emblem in Ravenlok

Source: Shadowcoast Gaming

You can find the Shiny Emblem in the Maks Mansion area as part of the “Shining Emblem” quest.

From the lobby of the mansion, go up the stairs and into the hallway in the middle. Take the first exit to your left and you will stumble upon the puzzle box.

You have to match the 3 colors with their respective symbol. However, you have to explore the entire mansion to spot the hidden clues!

If you didn’t notice, there are multiple walls with some special sort of painting on them. They stand out since the frame’s design is completely different from everything else, and they are your clues.

Of course, we’ll save you the time of having to run around the entire mansion like a headless chicken! The solution to the puzzle is as follows:

  • Left (Red): Hat.
  • Center (Green): Gear.
  • Right (Blue): Scissors.

The solved puzzle should look like the picture above. Remember to hold the confirm button instead of just pressing it.

If you did it correctly, the puzzle box will move and the painting will open. This will reveal the Shiny Emblem inside; just pick it up and you’re all done!

You will need to deliver the Shiny Emblem to Obie the Elder for the “Shining Emblem” quest, as well.

Nonetheless, that’s everything there is to know about solving this puzzle and obtaining this fancy emblem!

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