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New World: How to Level Expertise/Gear Score Fast

When you reach level 60, the Expertise system starts and it will be the basis of your gear drops.




The game New World has a system that affects your gear score in the game. This system is called the Expertise System. Expertise refers to the maximum gear score of any item drops you get in New World.

How to Level Expertise/Gear Score Fast in New World

In New World, every weapon type and equipment-type level up independently of one another with the Expertise system. There are a total of 20 different Expertise levels covering every character. The maximum level of Expertise on one item is 600 but you can push it to 625 using the Umbral Shard System. Find out how to level up Expertise fast with this guide.

Dungeon Expeditions

The Garden of Genesis is good for leveling up your expertise. Runs are usually quick and you can gain expertise by defeating monsters and opening chests. With this, you’re going to gain approximately 10 points overall each run for multiple different slots. If you can do a full week of dungeon grinding, you can get close to a 600 gear score for every slot.

Gypsum Kiln

You can find the Gypsum Kiln in all endgame areas (level 60 zones). With Gypsum Kilns, you can turn Gypsum into Gypsum orbs that are used to craft Gypsum Casts. Each weapon and equipment type has its Gypsum Cast. Using one will give you a drop that increases your Expertise level. However, you can only craft one Cast a day.

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