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Minecraft: How to Find Deep Dark Biome | 1.19 Update

The Deep Dark Biome is a new feature added in Minecraft’s 1.19 Update, located in y levels below 0.




In Minecraft’s latest 1.19 update, a mysterious aura lies beneath the surface. The dreadful Warden and a landscape of Sculk Blocks can be found in the Deep Dark biome.

Players have keenly anticipated the update. Because it is a rare area, some tips and strategies are needed to find the Deep Dark Biome.

How to Find Deep Dark Biome in Minecraft

The Deep Dark Biome contains most of the new content included with Minecraft’s Wild Update, so players will want to visit one as soon as possible.

The Warden, numerous Sculk blocks, and fascinating ancient cities full of valuable loot can all be found in the Deep Dark biome. However, because this is a rare location, Minecraft players may be having a hard time as to where to find the Deep Dark Biome.

Finding Deep Dark Biome

The best way to find a Deep Dark Biome is by exploring large caves that reach y levels below 0.

Deep Dark biomes appear to be linked to caves; therefore, searching for one through already-created caverns will be far more effective than trying to mine for one and hope to happen upon it by chance.

Since the Deep Dark Biome is usually by Bedrock, you should aim around y -52. You may also use the /locate command to locate the nearest one quickly.

To get the coordinates of the closest deep dark biome, open the chat with T and type /locatebiome minecraft:deep dark. After obtaining the coordinates, you can either click on them to teleport directly to the biome, or use the debug menu to pull up your coordinates and navigate your way to it.

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