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How to Upgrade Tools in Roots of Pacha

It’s about time you upgrade your basic tools to something much, much better!




Roots of Pacha has loads of materials for you to gather, but some of them will require you to get better tools.

Upgrading your tools is one of the most important parts of the game. It will help you gather new materials and also make some things easier to do.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can ditch your old tools and upgrade to much better ones.

Getting Access to Much Better Tools in Roots of Pacha

Source: Quick Tips

The only way to upgrade and get new tools is to make use of Acre’s services. She’s the hardworking crafter of your clan who’s always ready to help you get new and better tools.

However, Acre’s services aren’t free. You will need to pay a small fee with your Contributions, which are credits accrued by helping the clan.

On top of that, you will need to bring her the materials required for each tool!

Source: Quick Tips

You can use the in-game map to find Acre. Just select her and the game will show you where she is on the map.

Approach her and choose “View Tools” to bring up the tool crafting menu.

Hover over the tool you want to get and you will be able to see the materials, Contributions, and in-game time required to craft it.

Source: Quick Tips

Materials you have enough of will have a green checkmark on their icon. A red X means that you don’t have enough yet.

You will unlock more recipes for tools as you discover new materials. Since some new materials will require you to have better tools, you should upgrade what you have as soon as possible!

Also, just like building a house, you need to wait for some time to pass in-game once you ask Acre to craft something. She will deliver the item once the time passes.

This is usually just one day, but it varies on certain occasions. Don’t forget to make good use of Acre’s services to progress in the game.

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