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How to Salvage Items and Weapons in Diablo 4

Get rid of junk gear by turning it into useful materials!




As you might expect, you will be showered in items and weapons as you slay demons in Diablo 4. Of course, not everything you find is worth using.

In that case, you can consider dismantling and salvaging these items. This will unlock them as transmog options and give you loads of useful materials at the same time!

If you wish to salvage all the junk taking up space in your inventory, this guide will tell you how to do it.

Where and How to Salvage Gear in Diablo 4

Source: ZaFrostPet

To salvage loot, you first need to reach level 5. This should come naturally as you complete quests and kill enemies early on.

Once your character is finally level 5, head over to the nearest blacksmith. There are many blacksmiths throughout the game, and the first one you will meet is Zivek in Kyovashad.

Salvaging works the same at all blacksmiths, so there’s no real reason to use any smith over the others.

As soon as you interact with a blacksmith, you should be in the “Salvage” menu. You can see this on the left side of the screen on the blacksmith’s menu.

Source: ZaFrostPet

You have a few options here. The blacksmith can automatically salvage items by rarity, which is self-explanatory. Just pick a rarity you want to get rid of and all items fitting the criteria will be salvaged.

This also allows you to dismantle and salvage all items you’ve previously set as junk. Just click on the “All Junk” button.

Alternatively, you can manually choose which items to salvage. To do so, just choose them from your inventory on the right side of the screen.

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