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How to Make Footsteps Louder in MW2 | Best Audio Settings

Properly configure your audio so you can always hear your enemies!




Sound is extremely important in MW2. Paying attention to things like footsteps can greatly elevate your play, as it will let you know where your enemies are before you actually see them!

As such, you will need to have the best settings for a clear auditive experience. This guide will show you various settings and tips to make the sound of footsteps really stand out.

Best Audio Settings for Hearing Footsteps in MW2

Source: LaserBolt

To start, we’ll go over the settings that are available on PC and consoles. There are some extra settings that are only available on PC, but we’ll get to those later.

Anyway, you will first need to open the in-game menu and select Audio.

The first thing to change here is the “Audio Mix”. You want to set this to Headphones Bass Boost.

Source: LaserBolt

The sound of footsteps is mostly coming through as bass, so the bass boost will make them much louder.

Next up, you want to modify the different volumes. You will want to use these different values for each setting:

  • Master Volume –Set this in a range between 70 to 90. Setting it to 100 can cause audio glitches in some setups, which will prevent you from hearing footsteps.
  • Music Volume – Feel free to set this to 0. As nice as the music can be, disabling it will make the rest of the audio much clearer.
  • Dialogue Volume – Set this somewhat low, around 30. Don’t mute it, but keep it low enough.
  • Effects Volume – Keep this maxed out at 100. Footsteps are included in this sound setting, so the higher the better!
  • Voice Chat Volume – This is going to depend on how much you rely on voice chat. On top of that, different mics will have different volumes. Setting this to around 50 should be decent enough.
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These are all the settings that can be changed on both consoles and PC.

Next, let’s dive into the PC-exclusive settings!

Best Audio Settings on PC

Source: LaserBolt

There are two exclusive settings within the game you will need to check. Make sure that Game Sound Device is set to Default System Device. Also, make sure to set Speaker Output to Windows Default.

When that is all set, you will need to check your sound settings in Windows itself. You want to enable Spatial Sound.

To do this quickly, right-click on the speaker in your system tray. Pick Spatial Sound and set it to “Windows Sonic for Headphones”.

Note that this won’t be available for every device. You might also wish to try DTS Sound Unbound or Dolby Atmos, if available for you.

One way or another, these spatial sound solutions will make it much easier to tell where footsteps are coming from. They’re highly recommended if you can use them.

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