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Modern Warfare 2: How to Unlock All Season 3 Weapons Fast

Get the brand new Season 3 weapons in record time!




Modern Warfare 2’s season is upon us, bringing new Season 3 weapons with it.

The two new weapons are both fully automatic handguns: the FTAC Siege and the GS Magna. You can unlock both of them by completing challenges in the multiplayer modes.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock the Season 3 weapons and how to do it as quickly as possible.

How to Unlock All Season 3 Weapons Fast in Modern Warfare 2

How to Unlock All Season 3 Weapons Fast in Modern Warfare 2
Source: Espresso

The two new unlockable weapons are the FTAC Siege fully-automatic handgun and the GS Magna, which is a fully-automatic variant of the .50 GS.

How to Unlock All Season 3 Weapons Fast in Modern Warfare 2
Source: Espresso

Both of these weapons can be unlocked by completing challenges in multiplayer, meaning that they’re freely available to every player!

The unlock conditions for both are as follows:

  • FTAC Siege: kill 50 Operators with hipfire while using handguns. This means no aiming down sights.
  • GS Magna: kill 30 Operators with headshots using the .50 GS.

AI kills will not count, since the game specifies that you need to kill Operators, which are other players.

You can make the process faster by working towards both unlocks at the same time, as well! You just need to use the .50 GS with the Akimbo attachment, which is unlocked by getting the gun to level 17.

Of course, Akimbo does have an accuracy penalty. It should be perfectly fine for the FTAC Siege, but it will make it harder to get headshots for the GS Magna.

Nonetheless, it’s a good way to work towards both unlocks at the same time.

With that in mind, you will want to pick the right game mode as well.

The featured Shipment 24/7 playlist should be the best option currently. It’s a fast-paced 6vs6 game mode in the Shipment map, which is relatively small.

You will be constantly fighting against other players on this map, making it easy to get kills constantly. Just keep your aim high to hope for headshots if you’re using the Akimbo .50 GS.

Alternatively, you might want to try the Face Off playlist. It’s a 3vs3 playlist focused on smaller maps, which also makes for good engagements.

It’s a good alternative if Shipment 24/7 is removed or you just dislike Shipment.

DMZ Exfil Method

If the above methods just aren’t your cup of tea and you would prefer something even faster, you can use the DMZ Exfil trick!

That’s provided that you have someone willing to help, of course. You will need the help of another player that already unlocked the weapons for themselves.

This method works for more than just the new Season 3 weapons, as well, so feel free to use it for anything else you wish to unlock.

Note that these images use the FJX Imperium sniper rifle only as an example.

Partner up in DMZ with a friend that already unlocked the weapons and infil into one of the DMZ maps. Your friend should have the weapon as one of their insured weapons, too.

Now just have them drop the weapon on the ground and let you pick it up. This will essentially duplicate the weapon for you, allowing you to unlock it without any effort.

Exfiltrate the map once you’ve grabbed the weapon and you’re all done!

This method is extremely fast, but it does somewhat count as an exploit. It might get patched out at some point, although it’s unlikely.

Nonetheless, that’s everything there is to know about how to quickly unlock the new Season 3 weapons!

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