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How to Get Purple Equipment in Summoners War Chronicles Quickly

Improve your combat skills with these items.




In Summoners War: Chronicles, items are classified according to their color. One such classification is the purple items which refer to an item of Heroic rarity.

These Heroic items are essential for increasing your combat power. After all, your character’s stats don’t only come from level upgrades but also from the items they equip.

That said, farming for purple equipment can be a pain. Luckily, we’ve got just the right guide for you!

Farming Purple Equipment in Summoners War: Chronicles

Source: Orangee

Equipment is essential for making your units even stronger on the battlefield. However, you have to keep in mind that these items also vary in quality and the stats they provide.

Purple items are high-quality items that can significantly increase the stats of your units. The only caveat is that they’re a little more difficult to find and obtain.

If you plan to farm purple equipment, here are some tips you can follow:

Subjugation Token Exchange

Source: Orangee

The first method that we have is via Subjugation Token Exchange. You can do this by going to Casslan and looking for a specific NPC.

Source: Orangee

To get there, access the menu on the right and look for Subjugation Token Exchange then click Move. This will prompt your units to navigate toward that NPC.

Once you arrive at the location, talk to the NPC to see all the available weapons in purple quality. You can also find all elements here.

As long as you have enough tokens, you can easily exchange them for a piece of purple equipment. If you don’t have enough tokens, you can farm them by completing Subjugation Dungeons.


Another way to obtain purple equipment is to craft them. If you go to Profession > Blacksmithing, you will see all the weapons that you can craft as well as their rarity.

The good thing about crafting is that you can craft one item multiple times as long as you have enough materials for it.

You can even craft the highest-quality weapons here. That is why it is important to upgrade and level your profession as you progress in the game.

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