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How to Access Emotes in Diablo 4

Express emotions and communicate with other players by using the Emote system!




Emotes are a variety of emotive actions you can do in Diablo 4. They can be used to communicate with other players and are also required for certain quests.

In this short guide, we’ll tell you how to use emotes anytime you wish!

Using Emotes in Diablo 4

Source: Quick Tips

To use emotes, you will need to open the “Action Wheel”. You can do so by holding the E key on the keyboard. If you’re playing with a controller, press Up on the D-Pad.

There are a total of 3 action wheels. By default, the left wheel already comes with a variety of emotes set. Scroll on your mouse wheel or use a controller’s bumpers to swap wheels.

You can now use your mouse cursor or controller stick to pick the emote you wish to use!

Source: Quick Tips

You can also press the “Customize” button. This will allow you to personalize the action wheels, which lets you set different emotes and actions for quicker access.

We recommend setting the most important actions on the Middle Wheel! It’s the first wheel that appears when pressing the Action Wheel button, making it easier to access.

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