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Fortnite: How to Get First Person – Glitch

“Can you play Fortnite in first person” is one of those questions that seems to be asked by every new player. And while officially it is impossible, you can use glitches to get a similar effect…




Despite technically being a shooter, Fortnite does not allow you to play in first-person mode, at least by design. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few less official ways to play this way. One of them makes use of a little glitch you can easily replicate.

First Person Perspective Glitch in Fortnite

First Person Perspective Glitch in Fortnite

To perform this glitch, you’ll need to use an armored bus, which you can find either in the sanctuary or at the synapse station.  Then, you need to drive the truck over to a reboot truck and block the front door. Now, if you’ll exit and enter the truck a couple of times, there is a possibility that the camera will get stuck in a position that will resemble a first-person perspective.

Driving in First Person

Now, you can drive the truck in first person, but keep in mind that this glitch will probably stop working after you exit. And the camera’s position will not always resemble the first-person perspective, sometimes simply getting stuck inside the vehicle.

Still, it’s a fun little novelty you can try out. And it might be possible to replicate with other vehicles as well. And with no official word from the developers on implementing an actual first-person mode, it might be your only chance to experience this perspective without mods.

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