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COD Modern Warfare 2: How to Change Emblem and Calling Card

Aside from Character equipment and weapon skin cosmetics, you can change your icon and emblem on your calling card to give it a personal touch.




One thing that is Staple even in older Modern Warfare Games is the option for you to redecorate your call sign or calling card for your In Game Name (IGN).

Some of these emblems are locked behind certain objectives that you have to complete in the game and others are acquired through the season pass or participating in one of the game events.

Since the game is only in its Beta Phase, there are only a handful of cosmetics that you can choose from but when the game goes to the official launch, expect your options to become broader.

In this guide, we will show you how to customize your calling card in the game to give it a more personal feel in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

How to Change Emblem and Calling Card in COD Modern Warfare 2

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To change your emblem or edit your Calling Card, you should go to your options and select your profile tab.

Select change emblem or edit Calling Card

The Profile tab is the icon that shows your badge rank at the top right corner of the screen. From here you can edit your calling card or your emblem depend g on what you want to do.

Calling Card Options

Selecting the edit calling card button will take you to the list of calling card presets you can currently equip. For now, there are a total of 6 calling cards to choose from but you should expect more to be added once the game officially launches.

To change your calling card, select the calling card preset you want to use and press the equip button.

Emblem Options

To change your emblem, head back to the profile tab and select edit emblem. This will take you to the emblem options in the game. There is a total of 6 emblems to choose from and like the calling cards, you can expect these to add up once the game is on the Official Launch phase.

Select the emblem you want and hit the equip button to change your emblem. With around 12 options to choose from, it could at least give you something to switch until the list gets updated.

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