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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: How to Change and Edit Clan Tag

Change your Clan Tag and personalize your Modern Warfare 2 experience.




The Call of Duty: Modern Ware II beta has been out for some days, and with it, we have the return of Clan Tags that first appeared in Call of Duty 4. Are you wondering how to change yours?

Do not worry, this guide will quickly show you how to modify it, and then you can teach your friends so that everyone has the same Clan Tag.

How to Change and Edit Clan Tag in Modern Warfare 2

To change your clan tag get in the game’s lobby, either the multiplayer screen or the Message of the Day one, and press your start/pause button. This will bring out a menu (the same one you can see in the image) with multiple tabs.

Switch through the tabs by going right until you are on the player icon. It is the one next to the settings icon and you can recognize it as it will show you your player level.

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On your player tab you’ll see these three options:

  • Edit Calling Card
  • Edit Emblem
  • Edit Clan Tag

Scroll down to the Clan Tag option and go on ahead editing it. The name can have a maximum of 5 characters and you can use both letters and numbers. Just remember to not incorporate any sort of offensive language; doing so will bring out a pop-out telling you that the text was prohibited due to profanity.

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