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COD Modern Warfare 2: How to Promote Player to Leader

Do this to make your party member the leader of your party.




If you want to experience playing the upcoming Modern Warfare 2, play it now as it is going to end on September 26. The beta of the game is available to all on September 24-26 so make the most out of it.

If you play and you do not want to be the Party Leader, do not worry we are going to show you how to transfer the leader to another member of your party.

How to Promote Player to Leader in COD Modern Warfare 2

Not all game modes and maps are available in the beta stage of Modern Warfare 2 right now. The only modes you can play are Domination, Prisoner Rescue, Knockout, Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch, and Third Person Moshpit.

You can still play the beta even if you do not want Modern Warfare 2 but wishes to play Warzone 2, as the latter 2 is tied to former. Warzone 2 is free to all and will be released a few weeks after. In the game, you can promote a player to party leader by going to socials.

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Promoting a Player to Party Leader

From the main menu of the game, press Options then select Social. You are then redirected to the Hub; select Your Party. As the party leader, you can transfer the party leadership to another player by promoting them.

To do that. you just need to select the name of the player that you want to promote, choose Promote, making that player the new party leader.

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