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COD Modern Warfare 2: How to Boost FPS and Increase Performance

Do this to boost your frame rate which will increase your performance in the game.




Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is still in its beta stage until September 26. Not all guns, game modes, and maps are available, but players are having an amazing time exploring what the new installment offers.

If you play an FPS game, you always want to have the best frame rate to get kills. We are going to show you how to boost FPS and increase performance in Modern Warfare 2.

How to Boost FPS and Increase Performance in COD Modern Warfare 2

When you play any game, you must make sure that your frame rate will not be a disadvantage since those numbers can make or break your performance. Lower FPS can significantly affect your gameplay, and you will be stressed out, particularly in games like COD.

Luckily, you can increase your FPS by configuring some settings. The following are methods you can try to boost your FPS and increase your performance:

Graphic Settings


  • Display Mode – Fullscreen
  • Set Display Monitor to the Monitor you want to play
  • The display Adapter should be set to the main Graphics Card
  • Use the Highest Screen Refresh Rate available to you
  • Set Display Resolution to your monitor’s native resolution
  • You can make use of the Dynamic Resolution to reduce the stress of your graphics card
  • Aspect Ratio – Automatic
  • Disable V-Sync for the Gameplay and in the Menu
  • Set Custom Framerare limit higher than your screen’s refresh rate but below the maximum FPS you can get
  • Focused Mode – On



  • FPS Counter – On
  • Server Latency – On
  • Packet Loss – On
  • Graphic Card [GPU] Temperature – Off
  • Graphic Card [GPU] Time – Off
  • Graphic Card [GPU] Clock – Off
  • VRAM Usage – On
  • Processor [CPU] Time – Off
  • System Clock – On

Advanced Interface Settings

  • Network In-Game Alert Icons – On

After applying all of these in the settings, leave your game open and open task manager. Right-click on the Modern Warfare 2 process then select Details. Find Modern Warfare 2 in the details tab, right-click on it, and change its process priority to High. Close your task manager and Modern Warfare 2.

Go to Window settings and select System, then Display. Choose the recommended option for the Scale and Display Resolution found in the Scale and Layout section. Make sure that you have selected the monitor you use when you play Modern Warfare 2 before doing this.

In the Advanced Display settings, use the highest possible refresh rate for your monitor. Go to Graphics, click Browse, and add Modern Warfare 2. Add it to the Graphics and set the options to High. Enable Windows Game Mode in Gaming.

You should also update your Windows to its latest version, and make sure that your graphics card is up to date. Update all of your additional Drivers.

Lastly, right-click on the Modern Warfare 2 app and select Properties. Under the compatibility tab, check the “Disable Full Screen Optimization.”

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