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Zenless Zone Zero: Combat Guide | How to Improve Your Fighting Skills

Combat in Zenless Zone Zero is rather fast-paced and involves a handful of combos that will make your attacks far more efficient.




If you’ve played Genshin Impact, then you’ll most likely notice the similarities in Zenless Zone Zero in terms of combat. Personally, however, I believe that combat is Zenless Zone Zero has a faster pace, albeit just a tiny bit.

That said, there is more to this game’s combat than just basic hack and slash. Let’s have a look at what its combat mechanics are and more in this article.

Combat Guide and How to Improve Your Fighting Skills in Zenless Zone Zero

In Zenless Zone Zero, you have three types of standard attacks that are present in all of the characters. These are the basic attack, dash attack, and dodge attack. However, each character will have some variation and other unique mechanics in any of these attack types.

The basic attack is your most standard type of attack where you click the mouse button and your character performs a chain of attacks in front of you. Depending on the character, you would perform either 3, 4, or 5 attacks in an attack chain.

Meanwhile, the dodge attack lets you perform a basic attack after dashing. This is great for closing the gap between enemies as most enemies in the game are a bit spread out. Not only that, but it’s also great for maintaining your damage output while you have to dodge all enemy attacks at all times.

Then there’s the dodge attack which is somewhat unique in that you perform an attack right after executing a perfect dodge. However, the attack animation will differ from one character to another.

Apart from the standard attacks, there are also the so-called sub-attacks which are usually a more improved version of the basic attacks. They will vary from one character to another, though some characters don’t have a sub-attack at all. This type of attack, however, will have specific requirements that you need to meet in order to activate.

Special Attacks and Ultimates

Basically Genshin’s version of elemental attacks, special attacks allow you to perform a more devastating attack that would differ from one character to another.

Moreover, they have a more improved version called the EX special attacks with additional effects or just more flat damage once you have gathered enough Ether energy.

There are several ways you can obtain Ether energy in the game. The most basic would be to attack enemies, though you can also obtain it by killing enemies. Alternatively, you can break destructibles to gain a bit of Ether energy. In order to track the amount of Ether energy you gathered, simply look at the small purple gauge bar to the lower right of your health bar.

As soon as your EX bar is filled, make sure you don’t forget to activate your EX special attack as it will deal way more damage than your regular attacks. In fact, depending on the character, an EX special attack can either unlock a new combo or completely change the way you play a character.

However, if you want even MORE damage, then you also have the ultimate which, then again, varies from character to character. Unlike special attacks, ultimates will rely on the Decibel Rating system which naturally builds up when attacking enemies.

You’ll be able to see an indicator on the left screen ranging from Uproar to Blasting and then Maximum.

If you want to raise your Decibel Rating as quickly as possible, then your best options are to perform combo attacks and dodge attacks.

Different Damage Types

Damage in Zenless Zone Zero is categorized into three: slash, strike, and pierce. Any bladed weapon such as swords and daggers will normally deal slash damage. Meanwhile, heavy and blunt weapons will normally deal strike damage. Lastly, ranged weapons will deal pierce damage. Naturally, each enemy will either be resistant or susceptible against certain damage types.

Apart from these, there are also elemental damage types namely Fire, Ice, and Electric. Each elemental damage type inflicts additional effects. Ice will freeze your target, fire inflicts a DOT, and electric applies shock for even more damage.

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