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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Ouroboros Setup and Interlinking Guide

The Ouroboros is unique transformation that you can use for a limited period of time to unleash devastating attacks. But to activate it, you need to perform some setup first.




True to its roots, Xenoblade Chronicles features the Ouroboros form as some form of a transformation that players can use during battle. This time, however, activating the Ouroborus form requires a bit of setup and interlinking.

Uniquely enough, the Ouroboros form isn’t just limited to one, as it comes in 6 different variations depending on how you perform the interlinking process.

That said, let’s have a look at how you can set up Ouroboros in the game.

Ouroboros Setup and Interlinking Guide in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Let’s first address the elephant in the room: how does Ouroboros work?

Well, it’s pretty simple. You just have to fuse two of your party members together, resulting in a single unit which the game refers to as the Ouroboros interlink. However, there are several combinations resulting in different variations as a result.

Each variation will have its own strengths, weaknesses, as well as abilities. To transform into the Ouroboros interlink, you just need to press the left button on your D-pad. You also have the option to transform right as the battle starts.

Switching Forms

As mentioned, there are 6 different Ouroboros forms depending on which characters have performed the transformation. There’s one for Noah, Lanz, Eunie, Mio, Sena, and Taion. However, you only have access to the first three’s transformation during the first Interlink implementation.

That’s not surprising. After all, the Ouroboros is such a powerful mechanic, so it wouldn’t make sense to obtain it early on in the game. To get your first three forms, you need to complete Chapter 3. For the latter three, you just need to complete Chapter 3.

In order to switch forms, you need to press the up button on your D-pad. This will let you choose which characters should perform the transformation. As each form caters to a specific playstyle, make sure to choose one that goes well with the current situation.

Raising Your Interlink Level

Needless to say, the higher your Interlink level, the higher the Ouroboros’s damage will be. Not only that, but it also allows the form to last for an even longer period. To raise your Interlink level, you have to use Fusion Arts while in battle.

To use Fusion Arts, hold down the ZR button and match the abilities of both sides once they’re ready for use. The result is a combination of both Arts which allows you to unleash an even more powerful attack.

Enhancing Your Ouroboros

Aside from raising your Interlink level, you can also enhance each character’s Ouroboros form even further via the Soul Tree. This is some sort of a passive skill tree where you can unlock passive abilities to enjoy an assortment of benefits.

To unlock the skills, you need Soul Points which you can get during combat. Here, you can find tons of beneficial effects including increased attack, heat gauge buildup, duration, and more.

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World of Warcraft: Voices From the Dust Quest Guide

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With the classic Wrath of the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft released just a few days ago, veteran players who played in the expansion back then were eager to test it out. Of course, this also brought forth a resurgence of new ones who want to see what the classic WoW experience has to offer.

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Voices From the Dust Quest Guide in World of Warcraft

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After accepting the quest, Drakuru will ask you to collect a bunch of stuff namely the Drakkari Tablets and 5 pieces of Secret Mojo. Then, you want to go to the Drakil’jin Ruins and head inside the dungeon. Go toward the quest marker to find the Drakkari Tablets on the ground. Simply interact with them to loot them.

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Credits: Warcrafter Snorri

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