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Which 5 Star Summons to Choose – Summoners War: Chronicles

Ready for another reroll? Make sure to aim for these 5-star summons.




Summoning is the primary thing that you should learn when playing Summoners War: Chronicles. After all, it’s the only way you can obtain units to use throughout the game.

As you play the game, you’ll want to focus on getting 5-star summons which are the best units you can have.

In this guide, we’ll show you the best 5-star summons to watch out for.

5-Star Summons to Choose in Summoners War: Chronicles

Source: TopherSmurf

In the first 20 minutes of the game, you will come across the Selective Summon banner. Using this by clicking 30/30 will summon 10 monsters. This will give you a lot of 4-star units or even the 5-star unit that you are looking for.

However, if you’re not lucky, you can complete a side quest instead wherein you will have to kill a couple of monsters to get another 30 more summons.

However, make sure that the 5-star summons you are eyeing is compatible with your chosen playable character from Orbia, Kina, and Cleaf.

That said, here are the best 5-star summons to aim for:

Orbia Users

Source: TopherSmurf

One of the playable characters that you can choose is Orbia, a magic user who can deal massive damage and inflict debuffs on her enemies.

In fact, she is the best mage among the summoners due to her psychic powers as well.

If you are an Orbia main, here are the monsters that you can let her accompany to utilize their skills best:


Source: TopherSmurf

Since Orbia is a magic user, she uses a lot of her mana during combat. Having Bastet on your lineup will boost your ability due to her skills that can provide thick shields, damage buff, and mana-up.


The next one that you would want to have alongside Orbia is Woosa. Just like Bastet, this monster also grants a shield as protection but can also grant you invincibility.

Xiong Fei

Source: TopherSmurf

A mage is also perfectly pairs with a fighter. In this case, Xiong Fei is the best choice as he’s a fighter who can provoke your enemies and slightly take damage for you.

He is a tough guy since he has his own heal and cleanses to remove enemy spells.


Juno is another good teammate for Orbia. She can deal continuous damage to enemies with her burns and even provide heals for the team.

So far, Juno is the best monster that you can have in the game due to her flexibility when paired with other characters.


Just like Juno, Argen can also be included in any character line up due to his immense damage against bosses and raids.

If you are about to enter a PvE combat, you might want to always let Argen join the company.

Kina Users

Kina is another playable character that you can choose. She is known for her healing abilities that can save allies in just one swing.

Given that she is a good support, it is ideal to pair her with damage dealers to complete the team.


While your responsibility is to heal allies, Taor’s is to take damage. He can provoke and freeze enemies while also dealing massive damage at the same time.

Taor is a good DPS that is best for both PvE and PvP.


Theomars is another heavy damage dealer, and his skill can make him invincible for a little while before actually getting knocked down.

As a healer, Kina can use this opportunity to heal Theomars to prevent him from dying.


Sekhmet is the best fire DPS that you can get in the game. She can dish out massive damage which makes her good for both PvE and PvP.


Another fire user that is a good teammate for Kina is Tesarion. He can deal massive damage by burning his opponents to death. His Oblivion is best used for countering Cleaf and Orbia.

Aside from all these monsters, Bastet, Argen, and Woosa are also good teammates for Kina.

Cleaf Users

The last playable character is Cleaf who takes on the role of a tank. This means that he’s a defensive character who is good at deflecting and receiving damages for the team.

His magical shield and sword make him a strong frontline. There’s really just one summon that you’d want to pair him with. This is none other than Anavel.


Given that Cleaf is a frontline character, Anavel’s skills will be extremely helpful for him. This little kid can heal, cleanse, defense break, and cleanse for CC attacks.

All these things are what Cleaf is lacking, which is why it is good to give her Anavel in the team. Also, Bastet, Sekhmet, Woosa, and Argen are also some of the monsters that you can include in the lineup.

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