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Voidtrain: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide | Top Tips

Various tips to help you explore the void!




Voidtrain is a new survival game where you will ride a train through the void, just like the name implies! We’ve got some beginner tips to help you get started on this task.

The game’s overall gameplay loop is similar to the likes of Subnautica and Breathedge, with the twist that your home base is constantly moving through space!

Read on and we’ll tell you what things to look out for when starting the game.

Beginner’s Tips for Voidtrain

Beginner Resources: Wood and Iron

Source: Jade PG

Our first beginner tip is that you should focus on gathering and saving Wood and Scrap Metal. Both of them are found near the various debris flying through space.

These two resources will be the most important ones for early game crafting. Other resources won’t be quite as important for early game progression.

In particular, you will need both of these to build the early game crafting stations such as the Research Table, and also storage containers.

Lastly, wood can also be used as fuel for kitchens and smelters!

Refine Materials

Source: Jade PG

You should refine materials as much as possible since this will make it easier to store them. Storage is very limited for a beginner since items can only be put into small stacks.

Refining these materials will effectively allow you to store them more easily. The Lab and Smelter will be the primary refining stations for you to use.

The Lab will allow you to refine Fat and Chemicals into useful resources such as Grease, which is an important crafting component for a lot of important recipes such as the Platform to expand your train.

Source: Jade PG

The Smelter, on the other hand, is required to refine Scrap Metal into useable Iron Bars. As said before, Iron will be one of the most important crafting resources in the game!

So if you find yourself struggling to keep all your unrefined materials around, just refine them to turn them into materials that are easier to store and use.

Expand Your Train

Eventually, you should reach various Depots as you follow the train’s rail. These Depots will sometimes have Building Consoles that you can use to expand your train.

You should make sure to do this as soon as possible! Having extra platforms will be important since the starting platform won’t have enough space to fit all your building needs.

Do note that platforms require a large amount of Iron to build, you will need to gather the following materials:

  • Iron Bars x4: made by refining Scrap Metal at a Smelter. Each bar requires 2 pieces of Scrap Metal.
  • Bearing x2: made at a Workbench. Requires Iron Bar x1 and Grease x1. Grease is obtained by refining Fat (from animals) and Chemicals (found floating around) at a Lab.
  • Bolts x2: made at a Workbench using Iron Bar x1.
  • Springs x2: made at a Workbench using Iron Bar x1.

Note that you will need to get the materials twice, as well. Once for the Blueprint Research, which can be done at your Research Table, and once for the actual building.

Play the Slot Machines

After you progress through the Phases, Depots will start housing hostile guards and Slot Machines. The guards don’t pose much of a threat, but they drop Tokens for you!

These Tokens can be used to gamble away at the Slot Machines. You will get resources, ammo, and weapon modules if you’re lucky enough!

Of course, the rewards are completely randomized so you have to hope that you’re lucky each time you roll.

Be careful if you get two skulls, though! The machine will drop a grenade at your feet, which will deal high damage if you don’t move away quickly enough.

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