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Swords of Legends Online: How to Fish

Whether you need to catch some fish for cooking or just want to relax with a rod in hand, Sword of Legends Online got you covered, with a complex fishing mechanic you can sink your teeth into.




Sword of Online offers a wide array of leisure activities you can participate in and one of them happens to be fishing. And if you’ve ever played an Asian game that features this mechanic, you can probably guess how complex it is.

So, here’s everything you need to know about fishing in Swords of Legends.

How to Fish in Swords of Legends

To get started, you’ll need to first complete a quest called “Gold of the Four Seas”, which should appear as one of the tutorial quests in the cultivation menu. You’ll have to talk with a merchant called Dong Ruicong, who’ll give you your first fishing rod (the Green Bamboo Fishing Rod) and some bait.

The English translation in this game is riddled with mistakes – the bait he’ll give you is officially called “earth worm”, but in the English localization, it was translated to “earth dragon”. Just remember that these two are the same thing, not to get confused when reading about it online.

Where to Fish

Technically, you can fish in any water in the world, but that will only yield you the lowest quality fish. What you should look for are the specific fishing holes, found on every open map.

There are two types of fishing holes – Gold and Blue. Gold holes are more sought after, as they offer better fish and items, but they are very rare. They’re also public, meaning the entire server can use one Gold fishing hole.

They respawn every 15-90 minutes. Blue fishing holes are only accessible to the player seeing them. They offer decent loot and respawn weekly. Some fishing holes are only in fixed spots, while others appear randomly.

Fishing Gear

Fishing Gear swords of legends

To increase the speed and get better items from fishing, you can invest some time and effort into obtaining the best possible fishing gear. Obviously, you can buy better rods from Dong Ruicong – these increase your fishing speed. But there are also specific armor pieces designed specifically for fishing. Recipes for those can also be bought in the same store. The benefits of wearing the pieces of this set are as follows:

Two pieces: Probability that bait will not be consumed: 10%

Four pieces: Probability of additional catches: +15%

Six pieces: Reduced casting time: +10%

There are also accessories you can buy from the fishing merchant that’ll further increase fishing benefits, as well as two better baits you can use to catch rarer fish. So, if you’re interested in fishing in Sword of Legends Online, you should have enough things to keep you busy for a long while.

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