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Super People: Beginner’s Tips

Starting a new game can always seem daunting. Such is definitely the case with the fairly unique battle royale Super People. This article provides some tips to get you started.




This article provides some basic tips for beginners to get a handle on the game Super People. Being a purely competitive game, it can definitely be a bit tough to get into at first, so hopefully, these help you find your footing.

Remember to Grab Materials and Craft

Crafting to upgrade your gear is absolutely vital in Super People. It’s a fairly simple system as long as you have the materials, however. The main thing here is that you should make sure to grab everything you come across. If something ends up not being useful to you in the end, you can just drop it for a teammate that actually needs it. Basically, hoard every material and craft, craft, craft! On the note of hoarding, however, make sure you also pick up any gold drops you find.

Make Sure you Understand your Class and its Role

The game features 12 different classes, all of them with unique roles and playstyles. You also usually have to play a random class picked for you whenever you enter a lobby. You can pay gold to reroll or even pick your own class, but you’ll still end up having to play random classes eventually. Getting accustomed to every class is definitely an important factor here.

Understand How Leveling Works

Leveling up in this game happens pretty naturally. Even just surviving gets you experience. Additionally, killing other players can net you a good amount of experience. But since you passively earn experience the longer you survive during a match, you don’t need to go out of your way to fight other players until you are prepared.

Learn more about leveling up here.

Make Sure to Pick up Every Capsule You Can

Capsules also called super capsules, are items you can randomly find in every match. These are color-coded and come in 5 varieties. The gist of it is that all of them upgrade your perks, however. This means that you get more abilities to play with and survive during a match. So make sure you absolutely grab and use up every single capsule you can find. They can be used from your inventory by just clicking on them, though you’re open for a few seconds while consuming them.

Stay on the Move

This is a tip that might seem like a no-brainer for players of other competitive shooters and battle royales but is worth noting for beginners. Make sure you stay on the move as much as you can. Staying still basically makes you a sitting duck for other players to kill. You can move even when using inventories and looting, so make sure to keep that in mind. This will make you much harder to hit, helping you survive.

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