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Super People: Armory and Crafting Explained

Crafting can give you an edge over your opponents in Super People, but to make use of it, you’ll first have to understand how the armory works.




One of the more unique mechanics Super People brings to the battle royale genre is its crafting mechanic. But, the way this system works can be a little confusing.

Armory and Crafting in Super People

Armory and Crafting in Super People

You can access the armory through the main menu. In it, you can craft new weapons that will be stored in your personal supply crate. Each weapon requires five specific blueprints that can be found when playing the game, but getting the ones you want can be a bit difficult.

Getting the Blueprints

Armory and Crafting in Super People

The blueprints can be either found randomly on the map you’re playing or dropped by enemies you kill. Seems easy, right? Well, finding blueprints is easy, but getting them to the armory is much harder.

Every time you die, you lose random blueprints you found in this game. On top of that, you need to win the match to even get a chance at keeping more than a few. The higher you are in the ranking, the more blueprints you’ll keep, but you cannot choose which ones you want to keep.

Crafting Weapons

Armory and Crafting in Super People

Once you’ll have all the required blueprints, you can go to the Armory tab in the main menu and choose which weapon you want to craft. On top of blueprints, each will also use a certain amount of gold. And that’s not counting the gold you’ll need to use to open the personal supply crate during matches, where the crafted weapon will be accessed from.

The Weapons Power

Keep in mind, however, that each weapon you craft will be weaker than its equivalent found on the game map. But, the crafted version will gain a few random perks. Higher-tier weapons will gain more perks, and some of these can be game-changing if you know how to use them. Just remember to put your newly-crafted weapon in the personal supply – you won’t have much use for it otherwise!

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