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Super People: Best Settings to Use

The new battle royale game Super People has a lot of settings you can adjust. This article will help you with some recommendations for best settings.




With quite a lot of settings at your disposal, going one by one and changing them without a guide might be a bit intimidating. This guide will break them down and give you recommendations for each setting in Super People

Display Settings

  • Display Mode: you’ll want to set this to Fullscreen. Fullscreen should get you the best performance and lowest latency or lag possible. If you can’t use Fullscreen for whatever reason, Borderless is the second best option here.
  • Maximum Frame Limit: this is something you want to set to unlimited for the best framerate and lowest latency possible.
  • Limit Lobby Frame Rate: unlike the previous one, you want to set this to a limit of 60FPS. There simply is no reason to have unlimited frame rate in lobbies.
  • Vertical Sync: you’ll want to disable this. Enabling it will limit your frame rate and add latency and input delay.
  • Smooth Frame Rate: this is another option you want disabled. While this setting tries to make frame rates appear smoother overall, it adds some unwanted input delay.
  • NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: set this to Enable Both. This setting greatly reduces input delay. The only downside is that it’s not available if you’re playing on an AMD video card. But if you have Nvidia, you definitely want it enabled.
  • Brightness: this one is up to you, as every display is different. But you want to set it high enough that you can sell well in darker areas.

Advanced Settings

  • FPP Mode FOV: this is the field of view during first-person view mode. You want to set this as high as you can. A recommended minimum is 90, but setting it to the max of 110 is optimal.
  • Textures: you want this set to either Medium or High. This depends on the power of your GPU, but Medium is generally the best trade off of quality and performance both.
  • Shadows: set this to low unless you have a pretty powerful computer.
  • View Distance: you want to set this to at least Medium, but High is recommended. Higher settings allow you to see objects further away in higher detail, but it does require a stronger PC.
  • Foliage, Effects, Shader and Post-Processing: you can set all of these to low. They don’t really make a huge difference overall and Low is the best performance.
  • Anti-Aliasing: you’ll want this set to Medium at least to improve overall image quality at a fairly low performance cost. If you’re playing at higher resolutions such as 4K, you can lower or even disable it entirely.
  • Depth of Field: you’ll want to disable this one. Having it enabled will just make distant views blurrier. Having it disabled improves both image quality and performance.


Now this section is full of a variety of sensitivity settings. The truth of the matter is that there is not a one-size-fits-all configuration for these settings. You just have to get a feel for your own setup and adjust the sensitivity accordingly. Do note that, in case you don’t know, ADS Sensitivity is referring to Aim-Down-Sights Sensitivity. Additionally, disable advanced scope settings unless you really need to adjust settings for every zoom level.

Key Settings

Much like the controls section, this is something that’s entirely up to your preferences. You just have to find what is most comfortable for you and change your key binds according to your preferences.

Gameplay Settings

These are better off left as default. There’s not much here that’s truly much of a change, regardless. Not really recommended to tinker with, overall.

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