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Stash: Farming Guide

One of the many things you can do in the MMO Stash is have your own farm. Here’s how to get started.




Having a farm is a good source of both materials and money. This step-by-step guide will help you get a handle of the basics and get your farm started in Stash.

Farming Guide for Stash

To be able to farm, you’ll first need to progress in the game enough to have access to your Base of Operations, also known as your BOO. Farming can only be done at your base.

Getting started in somewhat simple. In fact, there’s an NPC quest-giver who will help you get started. This is Erynne, found in Askagard. Speak with her and you’ll get a big list of quests available. Of particular note, you’ll want to do “Gardenscapes”, “Seeds for Thought”, “Animal Husbandry” and “Need a Coop?”. Let’s go over these quests first.


Completing this quest will get you a tiny garden, which is a farming structure that can be placed at your BOO. To complete it, you simply have to gather 3 Balancok and bring it to Erynne. Balancok is a very common type of herb and can be found all over the place.

Seeds for Thought

For this quest, you just need to bring 1 tattered leather to Erynne. The easiest way to get some is to kill some bestial monsters. These monsters can sometimes be skinned using a knife, which gets you the leather. This will give you seeds to use in the tiny garden you previously got.

Animal Husbandry

Another simple quest, you just need to bring 1 starter spoon to give it to Erynne. You can just buy one Zieri in Askagard. Alternatively, you can have a Maker craft you one for x2 Ragwood and x2 Tattered Cloth, but buying one is just easier. This will get you some animals for your farm.

Need a Coop?

Bring 3 Carbonyx to Erynne and she’ll reward you with a tiny coop. Carbonyx is a common low tier gem, it should be pretty easy to find some. Turn it in and you’ll get a tiny coop, which allows you to have poultry in your farm.

Starting Your Farm

When you’ve turned all the quests in and gotten your rewards, go back to your BOO. Throw every farming item you got into your BOO’s stash. This is mandatory to actually be able to use these items. At your BOO, press 1 to go into “Build mode” and place the coop and garden wherever you wish.

Exit build mode and now select the garden. Let’s plant the seeds you got from Erynne. Drag your carrot seed from the right window the the “Plot” window on the left. Hover your mouse over the carrot and you’ll see a timer. The plant will die when this reaches 0. This plant will produce carrots over time. These will directly be thrown into your stash automatically. You can click on the “Harvest” button when a plant is nearly dead to turn it back into a seed, allowing you to replant.

Next, select your coop. Just like with plants, simply drag the pokka to the “Livestock” window. Mechanically, it’s not different from your vegetables. There’s also a timer on your livestock. When its nearly expired, click on “Slaughter” to get some extra last-minute resources before it dies naturally.

That’s really it for the basics! You can now get and use processors. These are placed inside your BOO, and they’ll process raw materials you get from gardens and livestocks. The processed materials can be sold or used in cooking and crafting. These can be bought from Verkosh. You’ll want to get an egg processor and vegetable processor for now. The rest should come naturally now that you know the basics.

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