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Northgard: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Northgard is fluid and mechanically sound real-time strategy game with unique features that defy assumptions.




Northgard is an unexpectedly good game. It appeals to fans of both the Settlers series and multiplayer strategy games. It also sounds good, looks good, and has a lot of replay value. The single-player campaign is also well-crafted and engaging.

Ultimate Beginners Guide- Northgard

Northgard is still growing and changing. We’ve prepared together a whole quick guide packed with tips, methods, and strategies for creating your first colony in Northgard, which will help you win in the mid-to-late game;

Story Mode

The Story Mode is an excellent place to start if you seek helpful Northgard tips and tricks. First, you’ll get acquainted with the game’s primary gameplay mechanics, such as preparing for dangerous temperature dips each year during a harsh winter.

Then, it gradually introduces the game’s primary gameplay aspects. It also features some unique, enjoyable stages to explore, each achieving its objectives. Before diving into the multiplayer mode with your buddies, it is recommended that you complete at least the first few levels.

Choose a Clan That Fits Your Playing Style

The variety of playstyles in Northgard makes it such a great game. Instead, you could strive for fame, wisdom, or trade successes.

These victory criteria can assist you in determining which style of play you prefer. You’ll create your style as you play more, so try out all the clans and find which one suits you best.

Make Use of Silos

Silos are necessary. Food is essential for survival in Northgard, and beginners should be aware of this. Your clan will become disgruntled and unproductive if you run out of food. Given the limited area, make sure you have room for a silo in each region.

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