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Northgard – How To Raven Guide

Ghastly grim and ancient Raven wandering from the Nightly shore—
Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night’s Plutonian shore!”
Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”

John Alano



northgard how to raven guide

Northgard is a strategic game that allows you to control a clan of Vikings to explore and dominate continents. You can choose various clans, each of which offers different features and bonuses. If you want to utilize Raven’s clan ability, this article will help you be the king of the North.

How to Raven in Northgard Guide

Raven is a scouting clan and heavy gold producer that will help you create a large Warband. Their lores aren’t military-focused, so the clan needs a lot of upgrades that can drain your resources to be unbeatable.

northgard how to raven guide2
Source: Freeze My Drip Gaming

The Harbor is replaced by Longship Dock, which allows you to scout shores and hires mercenaries. As for starting bonuses, you can colonize zones with Krowns (gold). Raven clan also has a 15% gold income increase, and trade routes with the Homeland will help you earn more gold.

northgard how to raven guide3
Source: Freeze My Drip Gaming

Gaining Fame as fast as possible is one of your primary objectives in the game. You can earn Fame by scouting neutral factions and enemy town halls. At 200 fame, you can hire mercenaries from Homeland. And at 500 Fame, you will be allowed to send raids to zones with Town Halls.

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Before raiding, ensure Fire Javelin is equipped since this is your bread and butter that will lead you to victory. Overall, Raven is great for trade victories and can form decent-sized armies due to your gold output advantage.

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Build Order

northgard how to raven guide4
Source: Freeze My Drip Gaming

The Build Order is in a different order but a generalization of what structures you’ll need based on your resources needs.

Rush Scout Camp to get 50 Fame, and make sure to scout dwarves, elves, and giants on the map to gain extra fame. Before population lock, build a house. The next one is building Wood Cutters Lodge and Food Building to sustain your clan in the winter.

Build a Training Camp to gain 50 military experience to select your preferred military path in the early game. After this, build your second woodcutter’s lodge.

Make a harbor to colonize zones with gold since it’s easier for the raven to produce gold over food. In the first winter, build an iron mine and get a Chief to help clear zones.

Next is making another house and brewery to increase your population from 13 to 18. This extra population allows you to mine and forge quicker, gaining additional gold faster.

Make a Stone Mine and Healers Hut. You will need healers for your Chief to clear zones without risks. The rest of the buildings are optional, but you will need at least four gold production structures to move on the map freely.

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Stone Upgrade Order

northgard how to raven guide5
Source: Freeze My Drip Gaming

For the Stone Upgrade Order, Your priority is upgrading your Town Hall and Scout Camp. If you’re struggling with food, upgrade both food buildings, but usually, only one is good enough.

Upgrade one Harbor and Brewery for more happiness. If you only have one stone, skip the brewery upgrade. Then upgrade the rest of your harbors and trading posts. Upgrading buildings and colonizing zones are the quickest ways to gain Fame, so if you’re close to 500, you can upgrade a few houses.

Iron Upgrade Order

northgard how to raven guide6
Source: Freeze My Drip Gaming

For the Iron Upgrade Order, if you don’t have a clear, get Chief and then upgrade your sailors. Next is upgrading your mercenaries for stronger troops. This upgrade adds two more mercenaries with an additional 100 gold. You will need to do this two more times. If you only have two harbors, it’s highly recommended to upgrade Better Preparation which reduces the cooldown for each harbor by one month. You don’t need this if you have three or four harbors.

Lore Order

northgard how to raven guide7
Source: Freeze My Drip Gaming

Your first lore order upgrade will be Negotiations. Negotiations help you produce two gold and 30 forging speed that could help you colonize zones early. Next is shipbuilding and exotic goods for additional happiness.

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Carpentry Mastery is the key to saving gold and reaching 500 fame quickly. Sharp Axes and Rangers increases your scout and exploration speed by 100%. On Top of that, your scouts no longer consume food and cannot be hurt while exploring the continent.

Recruitment and Journeymen increase your happiness based on the map you’ve previously explored. Weaponsmiths and Furcoats to have effective raids during the winter. Lastly, the Gear upgrade will give you two percent attack and defense for each active sailor or merchant.

Military Path

northgard how to raven guide8
Source: Freeze My Drip Gaming

The military path for raid rushing is opting for Guardian. Guardian is great for prolonging the game and keeping you alive, which is crucial for Raven. This military path will also help you protect from raids and neutrals attacking your zones. Your mercenaries will be your Warband, and your watchtowers will eventually produce military experience to give you warband slots. Raven is a strong, versatile clan that can be played a lot of ways. Raven is vulnerable in the early game and invisible in the late game once they reach 500 Fame.

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