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Northgard – How To Ox Guide

If you want to master the way of the Ox Clan in Northgard, this article will teach you everything you need to win.

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northgard how to ox guide

Northgard is a build-and-destroy game involving the war of different factions in a newly discovered continent. This game is similar to Civilization V but introduces exciting mechanics that make the game enjoyable. Factions offer various bonuses and features that players need to take advantage of to beat the opposing clan. One of these Viking clans is the Ox, which Torfin leads. This article covers everything that you need to know about the Ox clan. 

How to Ox in Northgard Guide

The Ox in Northgard has one of the most warbands in the game. Your units are stronger, bigger, and eat much more than the other clans. Torfin is your most powerful unit and can find and equip Ancestral Equipment scattered throughout the map that gives various effects.

northgard how to ox guide2
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Specialized civilian units have a 40% production bonus effect, and your military units have a 15% attack power and defense bonus. While Torfin is not yet summoned, you gain two Lore, so you want to delay Torfin as much as possible.

northgard how to ox guide3
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Upon reaching 200 fame, you gain Military Pressure that allows non-villager unit productions to have a bonus depending on the military units you control. This is a good source of additional resources for your clan. At 500 Fame, Torfin will gain a new ability called: Ram that lets him target enemy structures, and he will destroy them immediately, leaving “fear” debuff.

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northgard how to ox guide4
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Ox is a powerful clan that starts off slow and controls the mid-late game. The Ox Clan is one of the strongest military clans in Northgard, so your goal is to build the largest and strongest Warband of warriors to annihilate your enemies.

Build Order

This build order will help you through the early game and get stronger later. As mentioned before, the Ox clan starts slowly but snowballs the game from mid to late.

northgard how to ox guide5
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Generally, you will need 3-4 Wood Cutters since Ox uses a ton of wood. If you need a clear, you can rush building the Training Camp, but if you have a clear, wait until you need to upgrade your Warriors.

If you have two beaches, build another Long Ship Dock and upgrade both of them. If you have three or more, build another two Longship Docks. It would be best if you also had a Longship Dock down before winter for early lore and minimal gold gain until 802.

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Once you reach population 14, build a brewery, then make a Forge. These two structures can be built sooner, depending on your resources. Lastly, build training camps in each tile, and most of your stone will go towards upgrading those. By this time, you will have 12-14 warriors on your side that can beat 20 warriors of other clans.

Iron Upgrade Order

northgard how to ox guide6
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Iron upgrade order is pretty simple: You mine 15 iron and get another 10 from Jord’s Blessing. Summon Torfin for 15 iron, and the rest is for upgrading sailors and warriors.

Stone Upgrade Order

For Stone Upgrade, the Town Hall comes first, and Longship Dock. If you have three gold buildings, you only need to upgrade one Longship Dock, but if you only have two, upgrade both.

northgard how to ox guide7
Source: Freeze My Drip Gaming

If you only have one or two food tiles for your Food Building, you’ll have to upgrade one. The rest of your stone goes towards your Training Camps to produce more happiness and stronger warriors.

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Ox Lore Order

Your must-pick first lore is the Sharp Axes since playing Ox consumes a lot of wood, and then go for Colonization. City Builder allows players to improve zone 50% cheaper, and specialized units get a 10% production bonus.

northgard how to ox guide8
Source: Freeze My Drip Gaming

Mining Efficiency should come in the first winter, but if you got your lore Stone late or didn’t place down your Longship Dock early enough, it will be in the spring. After that, it’s either Shipbuilding or Coinage if you have only one beach.

northgard how to ox guide9
Source: Freeze My Drip Gaming

Then it’s the right time to upgrade your Weaponsmith and Military Training. Once you get Feeling Safe, summon Torfin for the happiness bonus. The last lore gives Torfin plus five percent attack power and defense for each ancestral equipment.

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