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No Man’s Sky Outlaws: How to Get Wingmen

No Man’s Sky’s Outlaws update grants players the option of hiring wingmen to their own Squadron, making space adventure and exploration way more fun than ever before.




The new Outlaws update in No Man’s Sky introduced a handful of new mechanics, mainly the Outlaws system which allows you to create your own Squadron and recruit wingmen to make space exploration a lot more engaging than before.

If you don’t know how to get your own wingmen, then this guide is for you.

How to Get Wingmen in No Man’s Sky: Outlaws

To start recruiting wingmen, the first thing you want to do is to head to your Freighter and go all the way to the Bridge. From there, access the console and look for the Manage Fleet dashboard, access it, and you’ll then be able to see a new option that says “Manage Squadron”.

Obviously, you won’t have any members in the Squadron yet. You first want to unlock the slots for the Squadron pilots. There are a total of 4 slots, each unlockable using Nanites, but the cost will increase every time you unlock a slot. If possible, try to unlock all of them before you start looking for your wingmen.

Once done, you want to board your spaceship and make sure it has a Conflict Scanner and an Economy Scanner installed. With the arrival of the Outlaws update, pirate-controlled systems have been introduced into the game. These are basically what you want to look for.

Open your Galaxy Map, and look for systems that have the words “Pirate Controlled” under the Conflict status. Travel to the system, and once you arrived, look for a nearby freighter and board it. Similar to other freighters, new spaceships will dock every now and then.

What you want to do is wait for a spaceship then land, then speak to its pilot. In the dialogue section, you should be able to see the “Recruit lifeform to squadron” option. When you choose that option, you’ll be able to see the stats of the wingman you’re trying to recruit.

There, you can see the stats of his ship as well as the information of the pilot itself. You’ll then have the option of whether to Recruit or Decline the pilot. If you choose to recruit the pilot, he’ll then be automatically added to your Squadron.

After recruiting enough wingmen, you can then go back to your freighter and access the Manage Squadron option in the Manage Fleet console.

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