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No Man’s Sky Outlaws: Best Nanite Farming Method

Due to the recent update, killing sentinels is now considered to be one of the best ways to farm Nanites.




In No Man’s Sky Outlaws, players use Nanite Clusters to upgrade their equipment. For this reason, procuring a healthy supply of Nanites can be tremendously helpful in-game. Salvaged Glass acquired from Sentinels can be sold for a great value. In this article, find out how to farm Nanites fast and easily.

Best Nanite Farming Method in No Man’s Sky Outlaws

Nanites are a currency in No Man’s Sky. You need them to purchase upgrades for equipment, ships, and many more. If you want to upgrade a lot of items, you will need a lot of Nanites. You can get Nanites almost anywhere in the universe but one of the best ways to farm them is to kill sentinels and sell the items you acquire.

Finding Bulkheads in Derelict Freighters

To begin farming for Nanites, head to any planet where a lot of sentinels spawn. You can repeat this method again and again by reloading your autosave and defeating the same sentinels.

On the first wave, you can choose to keep Summoners alive to get as many Nanites as possible. After doing as many rounds as you can, head to a Technology Merchant and sell the items you got from Salvaged Glass. You can easily farm around 30,000 Nanites in an hour.

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