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New World: Full Halloween Event Guide

Halloween’s incomplete without a taste of some horror and…treats.




The eerie atmosphere is evident. Houses are adorned with jack-o-lanterns. Monster-looking masks are in sight. Such things could only mean one thing—Halloween’s around the corner. In New World, to celebrate the Halloween, a special event called Nightveil Hallow is held.

The event comes with some challenges, particularly a new boss to fight. And as expected, this monster would drop some rare items, might as well say, exclusive only during the Halloween event. Along with these, a special store would be opened to cater your needs and offer some rare trades.

To help navigate through New World amidst the event and to ensure that you get to fully enjoy the Halloween event, here’s a guide for you!

Full Halloween Event Guide in New World

In this new update, the Halloween event will be called the Nightveil Hallows. The main objective of this event is for you to defeat the new world boss, Baalphazu. However, you will not be automatically spawned somewhere and then face the world boss to defeat it. There are six different zones that you have to visit to take down Baalphazu.

To start the event, you have to go to the Nightveil Cauldron. Access your map to trace the direction easier. The location is marked as a pumpkin on the map. Upon arriving, you will meet an NPC next to the cauldron named Salvatore. Speak with him. Doing this will give you the quest Baalphazu’s Fall which has an objective of defeating the world boss.

Locations of Baalphazu

We want to make it easier for you to meet all the world’s bosses and take them all down. So, here are the locations of all of them: Crimson Shallows and South Dynasty Wall in Ebonscale Reach, Wolfbough in Brightwood, Frozen Claims and Slumbering Echoes in Great Cleave, Richmire in Weaver’s Fen, Genesis of Malice and Rafflesia in Edengrove, Inland Greens in Mourningdale.

To give you an idea about Baalphazu, this is a large type of world boss. It is indeed very difficult to defeat because of its over 23 million health. Having said that, taking it head on all alone is not a good choice. For each world boss, it must take 10 or more players to defeat a single enemy. Plus, it deals great damage so receiving all its attacks is not good as well.

With that such great-sized boss, it is just right to receive a hefty number of rewards after defeating it. After defeating Baalpahzu, you will obtain a nightveil hallow cache. When you open the cache, it will give you nightveil tokens and green weapon patterns.

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