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Modern Warfare 2: How to Unlock Secret Weapons | Gunsmith Progression Guide

There are several secret weapons that you can unlock in Modern Warfare 2, but there’s a certain requirement you have to meet first.




The Gunsmith has become a staple in all Call of Duty games when it comes to weapon customization. Not surprisingly, the same feature is available in Modern Warfare 2. With the Gunsmith, you can apply various attachments to your weapon that will change the way it works and all.

Apart from that, the Gunsmith also unlocks a handful of secret weapons in the game. Let’s find out how you can obtain them.

How to Unlock Secret Weapons | Gunsmith Progression Guide in Modern Warfare 2

In order to unlock the secret weapons in the game, you first have to unlock the gunsmith feature. Unlike the previous CoD games, the gunsmith feature in Modern Warfare 2 has been rebuilt and now focuses more on realism.

With the new gunsmith feature, you can now customize your weapon’s look, build your own loadout, and check its progression.

To enjoy all of these, you first need to unlock the gunsmith by reaching level 4. However, this is just in the beta, and we have no information about it when the game fully releases. But it’s most likely that the full game will still have the same level requirement.

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