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Modern Warfare 2: How to Fix the AK74U

Not enjoying playing in the beta? Maybe that’s because of the AK74U bug. Learn here how to fix it.




Legends, don’t be surprised with the new upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This is not a remake, but a total reboot.

Modern Warfare 2 is about to be released on October 28, 2022, and beta players have also been experiencing the new and improved feels of Call of Duty 2022. Even though the majority of the feedback is positive, there are still some complaints on some parts. This one, specifically, is about one of the meta weapons of the game, the AK74U.

We are all pretty sure that you want to get back your best game plays with this gun, however, the game seems to not allow you.

Because of this, we made this short guide to help you fix the AK74U bug in the beta version of Modern Warfare 2.

How to Fix the AK74U in Modern Warfare 2

A glitch is happening right now in the beta version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 wherein players cannot use one of the best weapons in the armory which is the AK74U. As a gamer, it really is annoying to get your favorite weapon bugged which seems like the game itself is sabotaging your gameplay.

The issue here is that players cannot put the AK74U in the gunsmith, making it impossible for players to customize their guns here. Plus, even the default class cannot be used.

However, the only way to customize your gun and put attachments to it without accessing thee gunsmith is to click off the weapon or go back to the game main screen.

But this one will get to the detailed process. First, find and enter a match. And once you are already in the game, open the load out and equip the 74U, and press the square button. A gunsmith window will appear but it will not show pop-up gunsmith options. Once you did this, you can select the attachments that you want to use with your weapon.

As of now, that is the only way to fix the gunsmith glitch on AK74U, but once it is officially released, it is expected that this won’t be experienced again at all.

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