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MIR4: How to Get Epic Spirit

MIR4 Spirits are pretty helpful due to their bonuses and other utilities. Find out how you can get your hands on an Epic one for free.




Spirits are tiny characters in MIR4 which grant your characters certain bonuses. They’re available in various rarities, with Common as the lowest and Legendary as the highest. However, spirits of Epic rarity are quite popular among most players due to how easy they are to get, not to mention they’re free!

How to Get an Epic Spirit in MIR4

To get an Epic Spirit, you first have to gain enough Epic Blue Dragon Statues. You’ll need at least 200 Epic Blue Dragon Statues which you’ll use to craft an Epic Blue Dragon Coffer (Spirit) which contains a variety of Epic Spirits you can choose from.

To obtain Epic Blue Dragon Statues, you have to get them as a reward for completing certain quests. Alternatively, you can get them from drops during boss fights. These are the only methods that grant Epic Blue Dragon Statues, so you’ll have to spend a bit more time doing either of the two.

Once you have collected 200 Epic Blue Dragon Statues, the next step is to find an NPC named Dampyo. He is the Blue Dragon Craftsman who is located inside Bicheon Castle. Simply visit him, craft an Epic Blue Dragon Coffer (Spirit), and collect your free Epic Spirits from the loot box drops.

As long as you followed those steps, you can then have your very own Epic Spirit. It’s really that simple!

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