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MIR4: How to get Epic Enhancement Stone

To get better effects when upgrading your weapons, you’d want to use better enhancement stones, and there aren’t many better options than Epic Enhancement Stones.




Like in many other MMORPGs, getting some of the best gear in the game can take a lot of time, and some of the items you’ll need don’t have a clear way of getting them. Epic Enhancement Stones are particularly hard to get.

How to get Epic Enhancement Stones

There are three ways to get Epic Enhancement Stones in MIR4. First, you can get them as a reward for doing two specific quests – “Steelbone Spectre” and “The Lost Tome”. “Steelbone Spectre” only rewards you with one, while “The Lost Tome” gives you five.

Crafting the Stones

How to get Epic Enhancement Stones

The other way is to have an NPC called Gwon Chuyoung craft them for you. However, a single one will require 10 rare enhancement stones, 200 Life Elixirs and 200 pieces of Glittering Powder to craft. On top of that, the crafting will cause 100,000 Copper and 50,000 Darksteel.

Using the Stone Boxes

The best way to obtain Epic Enhancement Stones is to open Epic Sealed Enhancement Stone Boxes. These can either be found in other Sealed Enhancement Stone Boxes of lower rarity (though the chances of finding one inside are very slim) or bought in the Spacetime Shop for 22,000 ancient coins.

Also, after buying the box, you’ll have to wait a while for the seal to lift, so you cannot just hoard a bunch of boxes and open them all up. This method should give you between 1-6 Epic Enhancement Stones per box though, making it the most reliable way of getting them.

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