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Medieval Dynasty: Best Start In The Oxbow Update

Too overwhelming at the start?




Oxbow Update Map Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty just got a whole lot richer with the release of the Oxbow update on the 7th of December. Packed with exciting content, including a new map, co-op mode, and character creation options, players are in for a treat and shouldn’t wonder whether Medieval Dynasty is worth it in 2023!

However, this update has disrupted some familiar money-making methods, leaving players in need of a new strategy. In this article, we’ll dive into a comprehensive guide on the best early-game strategy to thrive in the Oxbow update.

Character Creation

With the addition of character creation, players can now shape their avatars to better suit their medieval ambitions. This feature was the most anticipated one in this update. Now, you can either be a man or a woman, so the immersion of Medieval Dynasty is much higher.

Whether you choose to be a man or woman, embrace the opportunity to craft a unique character. A notable addition is the glorious beard option for male characters, adding a touch of rugged charm. Once your character is ready, it’s time to embark on your journey.

The City

Your first task is to interact with Sedowin, who will provide initial quests.

Completing these quests will grant you access to building in the area, an essential step in your path to dominance.

Key NPCs: Mirogod & Derwan

Following Sedowin’s instructions, head to Mirogod and then Derwan. Engaging with these NPCs is crucial for progressing in the game. Completing their tasks will unlock building permissions and reward you with valuable items, setting the stage for your ascent to power.

Mirogod in Medieval Dynasty

Free Loot & What To Do With It

After completing the starting questline, you’ll gain access to a chest within the city. This is sort of a “starting chest” with all the necessary provisions that a player might need at the start.

Free loot chest in Medieval Dynasty

However, the devs went a little overboard with this chest in my opinion, so you get a lot more goodies than you would think. The chest is located near Sedowin by the way. My strategy after getting all of those items is to sell almost all your stuff to the vendors – Unisawa.

IMPORTANT: When selling the items, retain your bow and copper arrows.

Upon selling all of the items, you’ll have around 600 coins.

Looting Shacks

Venture southeast of the starting city to discover a cluster of abandoned shacks. These seemingly inconspicuous buildings hold the key to your early prosperity. Each time you create a new world in the Oxbow update, these buildings consistently spawn with the same loot.

Expect poisoned arrows, a spear, a wicker basket atop a gold pouch, and another spear. Notably, an iron-spiked cudgel with 100% durability awaits you – an unexpected day-one bonus.

Table: Loot Prediction

Anyways, here’s a table of the kind of loot you can expect in these buildings:

Poisoned Arrows4
Wicker Basket1
Gold Pouch (Coins)150

But all this loot from shacks isn’t farmable. The loot doesn’t respawn and this is merely a way to get you kickstarted and not a profitable business. All the loot you get from these shacks, you should sell at Unisawa and get some more arrows.


With Stone knives no longer dominating the market, hunting becomes your new money-printing machine. The real game-changer lies in hunting animals, particularly deer. Each deer yields resources worth around 85 coins, making it a lucrative venture.

Hunting buck in Medieval Dynasty

Crafting for Maximum Profit

Optimize your resources by crafting simple bags and roasting the meat you get from the animals. The main reason for this is that when these materials are processed, i.e. leather turned into simple bags and meat turned into roasted meat, they sell more at the vendors.

Hunting Profit Breakdown

Here’s the amount of profit you’ll be looking at with each animal (your results may vary):

  • Deer: 85 coins
  • Boar: 145 coins
  • Moose: 350 coins
  • Vant (Yak): 450 coins


Iron Crossbow

With the hunting strategy, you’ll be looking at being extremely profitable even on the first in-game day, and you’re looking at being able to straight up buy the Iron Crossbow from Unisawa.

Iron Crossbow in Medieval Dynasty

It’s priced at 1100, and it is what I recommend you aim to get on the first day of your playthrough.

Increasing Carrying Capacity

Invest in a larger backpack and pouch from Unisawa, the vendor selling the simple large backpack and large pouch. This significantly boosts your carry weight, enabling you to carry more loot and further amplify your profits.

Table: Backpack & Pouch Options

ItemAdditional Carry Weight
Simple Large Backpack20 kg
Large Pouch10 kg


Medieval Dynasty’s Oxbow update introduces a wealth of new features and challenges, but with the right strategy, you can quickly establish dominance. And my recommendation for early game success is: Hunting. It’s the most lucrative venture in this update.

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