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Kynseed: How To Make Money Fast

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kynseed how to make money fast

PC gamers can now play and enjoy this indie RPG and life adventure game by PixelCount Studios after it was released on Steam on December 6, 2022.

Kynseed lets the players experience solace and peace of living life at their own pace. All you have to do is strive hard to survive. There are several things that you have to maintain in order to live properly and one of these is to have enough money.

Here, we are going to tell you all the things you can do to earn and save money fast.

How to Make Money Fast in Kynseed

kynseed how to make money fast2

In the vast world of Kynseed, you are free to explore and discover activities that can help you earn money. However, not all of them are good sources of income.

Some of the things that you can do to make your money come faster are selling goods and spouse gatherings.

Selling Goods

kynseed how to make money fast3

One of the effective ways to increase your profit by selling is by going out to fish. In this case, you have to go to a pond or any body of water that has a Moonfish.

kynseed how to make money fast4

After you found Moonfish, collect as many as you can. You can also try going in and out of the map location in order to restart the fish spawn. This is a faster way than simply waiting for the fish to respawn.

kynseed how to make money fast5

When you already caught enough Moonfish, head to the Festival Green. This is where you can sell goods.

kynseed how to make money fast6

Here, you can see this stall. Approach and interact with this stall to set up the goods you want to sell. Simply choose the item and adjust how many hours you want this store to be open for selling your product. Then, you can also choose the selling price of your product.

kynseed how to make money fast7

If you think that all is set now, click Begin. This will start the timer, and the customers will start coming to your stall. To sell them items, you will be tested on your reaction time. An arrow will rotate on this clock-looking icon, and all you have to do is click it perfectly to land inside the colored part.

Even though you initially set the duration of your stall, you can opt to end and leave the stall anytime if you think the collected fund is already enough for you.

Spouse Gathering

kynseed how to make money fast8

Who would have thought that getting a spouse can also help you in making money?

The mechanic here is just simple. All you have to do is get married and send your spouse to either Mellowfields or Summerdown. There, they will gather trips and the items will increase their value.

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