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Kena: Bridge of Spirits: Best Charmstone to Use In the Game and How to Get It

The Bravery charmstone is by far the best charmstone in the game, but you can only obtain it after completing your first playthrough.




There are lots of charmstones that you can obtain in the game. Each of them has its own unique bonus effects that will help improve your gameplay. However, there can only be one when it comes to the best charmstone of them all.

That charmstone is none other than the Bravery charmstone. In this guide, I’ll show you how and where you can get it.

Best Charmstone to Use In the Game and How to Get It in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Credits: Djisso

If this is your first time playing Kena: Bridge of Spirits, then you can only obtain up to 15 charmstones during your first playthrough. You can encounter all 15 charmstones throughout your adventure in the game.

However, there are actually 5 more charmstones that you won’t be able to get right away.

The only way you can get your hands on these charmstones is by playing the game on a New Game+. One of these charmstones is Bravery which vastly increases your courage generation. It also has a bonus effect which causes Rot to glow in the dark.

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Now, you might be wondering what makes it even better than charmstones that have effects like bonus damage or health restoration. Well, it’s due to the simple fact that it massively increases the rate at which you generate Courage.

In the game, once your Courage meter maxes out, you’ll be able to use your Rot Powers. The Rot Bomb, in particular, allows you to slow nearby projectiles as well as enemies.

In fact, these bombs can effectively lock your target in place for a few seconds, allowing you to deal consecutive damage without any interruption.

This makes it pretty powerful even in New Game+ as it will make even boss fights a piece of cake. Since you can fill up your Courage meter pretty quickly, you can just keep on spamming your bombs to end a fight quickly.

How to Get It?

Now that you know why it’s the best charmstone in the game so far, how exactly can you get it? As mentioned, you need to be in New Game+ in order to obtain this charmstone. Head over to the Gorge waypoint, and then turn left. Follow the path until you come across a fallen log below the gorge.

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Here, you will encounter some enemies trying to ambush you. Once you get rid of them, go to the back of a fallen log to the left. You should be able to find the chest containing the charmstone there.

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