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How to Summon Tremor Girl In Project New World Roblox

How much higher can we get?!

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how to summon tremor girl in project new world roblox

If you’re familiar with what goes on in the One Piece universe then you already know that you’ll be fighting multiple bosses non-stop here in Project New World. There is nowhere else to go but up as you take on high level targets like the Tremor Girl. Now it’s completely understandable that you’re itching for a fight and would want an edge to make your encounter with her more epic and that’s exactly what we’re here for! Make sure that you get the Bisento V1 first before you get your quest on though. If you haven’t yet then don’t worry, you can get that done along with the rest of this guide in no time!

Project New World Roblox – How to Summon Tremor Girl

So to get Bisento V1 you need to come on down to the Marine HQ and head up towards one of the towers where you can find Bella Thell. You can buy Bisento v1 here for $500k, now you have a chance of unlocking Bisento V2. But that’s for later!

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how to summon tremor girl in project new world roblox2

Head on down to the pier and walk towards the gate opposite of it, you will need Whitebeard’s Key here in order to gain access.

how to summon tremor girl in project new world roblox3

While you’re in front of the gate, jump up and go to the temple. Here you will be fighting the Ice Admiral in order to get that key. You will have to try a couple of times as the drop rate is only 2.5 percent!

how to summon tremor girl in project new world roblox4

Coming back down from the temple you would want to retrace your steps, jump down the ledge, back onto the pier, and land in front of the gate. Now interact with the gate using the key and go back up again to the platform and you’ll see the Tremor Girl there waiting for you.

how to summon tremor girl in project new world roblox5

And that is how you summon the Tremor Girl. She’s looking forward to this fight as much as you are, go ahead and show her what you’re made of! Remember to use the Bisento V1 you got earlier if you want to get more out of the fight.

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