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How to Change Armor Color in Helldivers 2

Give your armor a fresh new look!




Helldivers 2 has managed to attract a significant amount of players since its release. Alongside its action packed gameplay, the game also gives players tons of different customization options, one of them being the Armor you equip.

In this article, we will be looking at the visual customization of your Armor. The color of your Armor plays a big part in how it looks visually. So, how can you change the color of your Armor in Helldivers 2?

How to Change Armor Color

Most Armors in the game will have variants with different colors that you will be able to unlock. At your main base in the game, you will be able to access the Armory.

armory with different armors

The Armory will allow you to see all the different armor that you have unlocked. This is also where you can equip these armor. Alongside your Armor, you can also pick a Helmet and Cape that match your look.

Unfortunately, you can’t pick specific colors for your Armor. There are still plenty of different variants to choose from. These variants come in different colors, so you can pick the colors you like.

Other than the Armory, you will also find the Weaponry here. Check out all the weapons that you have unlocked over here and equip the best weapons to take into missions.

the tr-7 armor

You will be able to see how your Armor will look like when equipped at the Armory. The image above showcases the “TR-7 Ambassador of the Brand” Armor. You can also see the Stats of your armor and the Armor Passive.

the b-01 armor

The “B-01 Tactical” Armor in the image above is identical to the previous Armor in terms of Stats and Armor Passive. Their name and looks are completely different though. You can choose the Armor you like here depending on which colors look better.

Throughout the game, you will unlock many different armor and their variants. All of these can be viewed and equipped through the Armory.

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