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Golf With Your Friends: Does it Have VR Support?

Playing Golf with Your Friends online? Is it VR-Supported? Here’s all you need to know.

Jed Gaspang



The golf game, Golf with Your Friends was made available on different gaming platforms since May 2020. It has been a go-to game for golf-lovers as well as gamers who just want to play golf. The game supports up to 12 players in its online multiplayer mode. Does the game have VR support?

Does It Have VR Support – Golf With Your Friends

The answer to this question is—no. Since its release on Steam in 2016, Golf with Your Friends is still not VR supported. Although virtual reality is the standard to most simulation games today, the current version of the game does not have VR support.

It is also known that most of its competitors, such as Golf It! or Walkabout Mini Golf VR have all been VR-supported. To add, these were golf games that have been around for a while—with Golf It! being the oldest one.

Competition fuels progress as they say, maybe this will persuade the popular golf game with its own iteration of virtual reality some time in the future. Happy golfing!

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