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God of War Ragnarok: How to Open the Jungle Dam Gates

The dam gates will prevent you from progressing further to the Jungle, and you need to burn the brambles to open them.




God of War Ragnarok How to Open the Jungle Dam Gates

There are several optional areas that you can visit in God of War Ragnarok. One of them is the Crater which is a huge area in Vanaheim that also happens to be hidden. However, you can only get there in the later parts of the game.

That said, as you explore the area, you’ll come across dam gates that will prevent you from going further. This guide will show you how to open them.

How to Open the Jungle Dam Gates in God of War Ragnarok

To get to the dam gates, you first need to enter the Jungle region. After progressing a bit and reaching the upper dam, you’ll then come across the closed dam gates. This is where the puzzle starts.

The solution to opening these gates is actually pretty simple. As you can see, there are brambles that are blocking one of the gates. Your objective is to burn them so they will no longer clog the gates. To do this, you have to use Freya’s arrows and align them in a way that they can trigger an explosion. Here’s an example:

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After that, throw your Blades of Chaos toward the leftmost rune to cause an explosion. This will then cause fire to spread through the other runes until it reaches the brambles. Once you’ve done burning the brambles, interact with the wheel in the middle.

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This will then cause the floodgates to open, allowing water to return to the jungle. At the same time, you can now access the remaining areas of this region.

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