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For The King 2: Complete Combat Guide

Prepare yourself for epic combat in For the King 2 as you take on the malevolent forces of Fahrul armed with both your trusty blade and the wisdom to wield it effectively!




Venturing into the world of Fahrul brings thrilling battles against the corrupt Queensguard, the untamed creatures of the woods, and the sinister cave inhabitants. Combat is at the core of your journey, and in For the King 2 (FTK2), we’ve revolutionized the way you engage with it.

Let’s explore the combat system and understand how to maximize your strategic advantage using the Battle Grid, positioning, status effects, and more.

Complete Combat Guide

Battle Grid

In FTK2, combat becomes a game of strategy with the introduction of the Battle Grid. Unlike its predecessor, this system provides a 2×4 grid for you and your adversaries to maneuver your party members strategically. The Battle Grid offers numerous opportunities to enhance your combat encounters, such as:

  • Positioning for Safety: Dodge area damage, explosives, or poison by moving to safer tiles.
  • Strategic Character Placement: Optimize ranged combat specialists for maximum damage.
  • Disrupt Enemy Formations: Relocate enemies to expose weaknesses in their defenses.
  • Utilize Traits: Leverage character traits to make the most of positioning.

But remember, your foes can also exploit the Battle Grid to their advantage, creating new challenges and strategic depth.

Importance of Positioning

Your party’s positioning on the Battle Grid can be a deciding factor in the outcome of a battle. Whether you’re playing a tank or any other class, where you stand matters:

  • Tank’s Role: Positioning yourself in front of your allies can trigger the Guard passive, protecting your backline.
  • Be Wary of Splash Damage: Taunting enemies to protect your allies can backfire if it leads to unintentional splash damage.

Experiment with different class arrangements to harness the power of positioning and make it work in your favor.


FTK2 introduces the Trait system, offering unique effects like the Tactician’s bonus damage on specific tiles and a 5% damage boost for all characters on the backline. These traits incentivize active movement and add depth to battles.

Splash Damage & Area-of-Effect (AOE) Attacks

With the Battle Grid, AOE attacks play a crucial role in FTK2. Magic attacks often feature AOE, but physical skills can also be effective against multiple targets. AOE attacks come in various forms:

  • Full-Row Attacks: Target all units on a horizontal line.
  • Column Attacks: Hit both the front and back lines.
  • Larger AOEs: Cover most of the grid.
  • Specialized AOEs: Target specific areas on the grid.

Be mindful that your enemies can also use AOE attacks, so plan your moves accordingly.

Defense & Resistance

Physical Defense and Magical Resistance continue to be important aspects of combat in FTK2. These stats are represented by blue and purple shields alongside the enemy health bars. Understanding these values is crucial for optimizing your damage output:

  • Shielding Against Damage: Physical Defense and Magical Resistance act as shields against their respective damage types.
  • Pierce Attacks: Some abilities allow you to bypass armor values for pure damage.

Choosing the right type of damage for your foes can be the key to victory.

Primary vs. Secondary Actions

FTK2 introduces Primary and Secondary actions to optimize your combat strategy. Primary actions end your turn and are typically weapon-based, while Secondary actions allow you to use items without ending your turn. Balancing these actions is vital for success in battle.

Status Effects

Status effects in FTK2 add complexity to battles. Some of these effects include:

  • Dazed: Disables secondary actions, hindering your mobility and item usage.
  • Stunned: Takes away your next turn, slowing down your team.
  • Burn: Inflicts fire damage over time.
  • Entangled: Prevents physical attacks and movement.
  • Lightning: Causes automatic roll failures.
  • Curse: Reduces a stat dramatically and must be cured.
  • Confusion: Randomizes character actions.
  • Poison: Reduces stats and inflicts damage over time.
  • Acid: Dissolves your equipment.
  • Fear: May force your character to flee.
  • Frozen: Increases damage taken.
  • Bleed: Inflicts damage over time.

Understanding and countering these effects are vital for your party’s success in FTK2.

With this comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped to conquer the combat challenges in For The King 2. Master the Battle Grid, positioning, traits, AOE attacks, defense, and status effects to emerge victorious in your adventures across Fahrul. Happy gaming!

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