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For The King 2: Complete Guide To Focus

Ensure your success in For the King 2 by mastering Focus!




In For The King 2, Focus is your key to gaining an advantage in combat, encounters, traps, and various situations. If you’re new to the game, Focus is a valuable resource that you can spend throughout your campaign to tip the odds in your favor.

By expending a point of Focus, you can ensure a guaranteed outcome in skill checks, combat actions, or even gain extra movement on the overworld map. While there’s no strict limit to how much Focus you can use, it’s crucial to make wise decisions to avoid depleting your Focus entirely, leaving you without this helpful resource.

The good news is that Focus can be regenerated. You can do this by Meditating in Town or at Camp, using items like Golden Root, or benefiting from Traits like Deep Thinker, which grants a full Focus restoration upon leveling up.

Focus Complete Guide

Focus in Combat

In For The King 2, Focus retains its significance in swaying the odds in your favor during combat. With the introduction of new skills, spells, and the combat grid, Focus becomes even more crucial, offering fresh and exciting features.

All combat skills provide the opportunity to spend Focus, ensuring your critical actions have the best chance of success. Whether it’s using Focus to guarantee your Blacksmith’s Taunt ability or maximizing the damage potential of a powerful area spell, Focus plays a vital role in your battles.

As you delve deeper into the game, you’ll realize that Focus can add complexity to combat, making it an invaluable resource when you need an extra push to overcome your next encounter.

Focus in Encounters

Every encounter on the overworld map has a skill check associated with specific stats, such as Strength, Speed, Intelligence, and Talent. These stats determine the challenge level and your odds of success in encounters.

With Focus, you can secure a guaranteed successful outcome by investing as many Focus points as you have. Whether you’re disarming traps, negotiating with locals, or facing off against the Queen and her entourage, Focus can be the key to securing extra treasure, allies, restoration, and more to aid in your quest.

Focus for Movement

Focus isn’t limited to just combat and encounters. When traversing the overworld, you can use Focus points to increase your movement.

While it might seem like a less significant use compared to guaranteed success in combat, using Focus for movement can be vital. It can help you reach safety or defeat a nearby enemy, especially when every moment counts, such as when racing against the Chaos meter.

Keep in mind that while Focus isn’t finite, restoring it effectively can be challenging, depending on your party’s location. In the depths of a dungeon, the cozy comforts of an Inn or camp might not be available, so always remain vigilant.

How To Restore Focus

In the game, there are several ways for characters to restore their health and focus, and we’ll guide you through these methods:

  1. Local Inn: The town’s inn provides a moderate restoration of both health and focus. However, using it ends the character’s turn.
  2. Meditation: Meditating allows characters to fully recover their focus points without ending their turn. This method can be particularly effective for maintaining a steady supply of focus.
  3. Dark Carnival: Occasionally, the Dark Carnival offers an option to completely restore the entire party’s health and focus. Keep an eye out for this rare opportunity.
  4. Hero Statues and Sanctums: These in-game elements can grant partial or full recovery of focus points based on their specific effects. Utilize them strategically to ensure your party’s focus remains intact.
  5. Refocus and Discipline Skills: Characters can make use of the Refocus and Discipline skills, which give them a chance to regain focus points at the end of their turn. These skills can be invaluable in conserving focus.
  6. Consumables: Various consumables are available, including the potent Golden Root, which can be used for focus point recovery. Keep a supply of these items to ensure you’re always prepared.
  7. Traits: Certain traits, such as Deep Thinker, offer a complete focus restoration upon leveling up. Characters always receive a partial or full recovery of focus points when they level up, with the extent of restoration dependent on the difficulty level and their maximum focus.

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