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Final Fantasy VI: How To Use Blitz

Care to suplex a train?

Iris Ruiz



To the uninitiated, you might have come across certain memes of a burly, blond, buff guy suplexing a train.  This might seem strange at first, but it’s only one of the endearing memories most fans of the title enjoyed while journeying through Final Fantasy VI’s epic world.

This move is executed through one of the martial art moves the character Sabin uses to fight.  It’s a special technique that the player has access to when he’s in the party.  Below is a guide on how to perfectly execute a Blitz and do more than just suplexing a ghost train.

How To Use Blitz – Final Fantasy VI

Using a Blitz is as simple as inputting a bunch of commands when prompted.  This move is only usable by Sabin and you have to put him in your party to gain access to this technique.   Here are the steps on how to do it:

  1. When it’s Sabin’s turn, choose Blitz.
  2. You need to press any of your directional buttons to start it, depending on the Blitz move.  Each Blitz will have a certain chain of command.  In the most recent iteration of release, it’s the directional buttons but it might be different for the remaster version!
  3. After inputting the command, press the confirm button again and watch Sabin execute the move in full, pixelated glory.

This special attack certainly needs a lot of learning curve to completely master.  You would need to memorize the command of the Blitz you need to perform so make sure to get a pen and paper ready!

Have fun suplexing trains!

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