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Final Fantasy VI: Fix Game Crashing & Not Starting

Even the greatest games encounter bugs and glitches on release, but what if it doesn’t start at all?

Iris Ruiz



Final Fantasy VI’s remaster dropped on Steam not too long ago and everyone is thrilled to finally play this timeless classic on their PCs.  While some players were able to get into the game without any issues, there are some that encounter the usual launch issues that are present for any port.

Before anyone gives up entirely on the game, there are some easy fixes for this particular problem.  Read on to find one that fits best for you.

Fix Game Crashing & Not Starting – Final Fantasy VI

These are standard fixes for most games that have the same problems when launching off the Steam platform.  Like most games, these also apply to FFVI.

Update GPU Drivers and Operating System

Check your software and hardware drivers to make sure they are updated.   Make sure your GPU drivers and Operating System has no needed updates, update them accordingly if there is a need.  Even if the game doesn’t take too much to run, this could still be an issue.

First, go to your Windows Update Settings (type “Windows Update Settings” on the search bar next to the windows logo and it should be the first choice) and check if you need to install an update or two.

As for the GPU, key in “Device Manager” after hitting start, click on the first choice, go to display adapters > right click your GPU > and select “update driver”.  It will automatically tell you if there’s an update needed.

Verify the Integrity of Game Files

If updating your drivers and Operating System did not work, you can get into Steam’s settings itself and try to verify the integrity of your game files.  This is a built-in function before you launch the game that basically downloads all corrupted files in your download.  Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Steam > Library
  2. Look for Final Fantasy VI > Right-click then select “Properties”
  3. Choose “Local Files” > then look for Verify integrity of game files.

 After it’s done, launch the game and see if you still get any issues.

Reinstall the Game

As per most games that encounter this issue, if all else fails, reinstalling the game should be the quickest and surest fix.  Make sure to backup your saves if you can before doing this step.

Hopefully, a step in this guide should help you fix the issue.  If not, contacting steam support should be really helpful.

Happy gaming!

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