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Final Fantasy VI: How To Beat Intangir Guide

So you’ve seen Behemoth before, but have you said hello to his older brother?

Iris Ruiz



Intangir is one of the hard bosses you would need to beat to progress through the story during the first part of Final Fantasy VI.  Before the World of Balance goes to Ruin, this tough dog (beast?  We don’t really know!) will test your mettle when it comes to knowing your strengths. 

If you find yourself getting stuck on this particular foe, read on to see how we tackled Intangir through the many iterations of the game.

How To Beat Intangir Guide – Final Fantasy VI

Glitches aside, there are a lot of legit ways to beat Intangir, even without over-levelling your characters.  Make sure to equip your party with Hermes’ Sandals for the Auto-Haste effect and cast Stop while the enemy is invisible. 

Intangir has high elemental effects, so use only physical attacks or non-elemental magic abilities. A few examples of these abilities are as follows:

  • Strago: Stone, Revenge Blast, Traveler and 1000 Needles
  • Gau: Stone, 1000 Needles, Meteor

If you have Edgar on your team, you can cancel his elemental defense by using Edgar’s Debilitator.  It will render him vulnerable to elemental attacks.  This will then allow you to hit him with your strongest elemental spells.

These are the tried and tested strategies that should work on all ports of the game.  There are some strategies that only work for some ports so they are not included here.  Make sure to have enough pots and resources to survive his damages.

Have fun taming this wild beast and see you in the World of Ruin next!

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