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FIFA 23: Best Controller Settings to Use

How can you control the game to your advantage




To win a game in FIFA you need to control the game. To control the game, you need to have good settings for your controller. Here is the best settings for your controller to use for having the best experience in the game.

Best Controller Settings to Use in FIFA 23

First of Competitive Master Switch is mandatory for online game modes needs to be on and with that all of the following settings are locked and cannot be changed:

  • Contextual Agile Dribbling
  • Auto Clearances
  • Auto Flair Pass
  • Auto Shots
  • Assisted Headers
  • Jockey

However, there are some settings that can be changed, that can put an effect to the game:

  • Through Pass Assistance – Set on semi
  • Timed Finishing – Set on
  • Next Player Switch Indicator – on
  • Pass Block Assistance – on
  • Auto Switching – Manual
  • Auto Switching Assistance – None
  • Clearance Assistance – Classic
  • Player Lock – on
  • Icon Switching – off
  • Right Stick Switching – Classic
  • Right Stick Switching Reference – Player Relative
  • Ground Pass Assistance, Shot Assistance and Lob Pass Assistance are all Assisted since it helps you with aiming, and Lobbed Through Pass is on Semi
  • Save Assistance is Assisted
  • Analog Sprint is off in order to control how fast is the sprint.
  • Pass Receiver Lock – Late
  • Vibration Feedback and Trigger Effect are off because you don’t want your controller to be hard to press or to vibrate in an intense game

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