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Dwarf Fortress: Slabs & Preventing Ghost Guide

Prevents ghost from harming your dwarves before it’s too late.

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dwarf fortress slabs preventing ghosts guide

Dwarf Fortress is a two-dimensional game with unique mechanics and offers the same complexity as Project Zomboid or even more. One of these mechanics is the game will spawn ghosts on neglected bodies that could harm your dwarves or even murder them! This guide will help you to engrave Slabs to prevent that from happening.

Slabs & Preventing Ghost in Dwarf Fortress Guide

Building a tomb for your dead dwarves is the primary preventive measure to prevent the ghost from spawning. Engraving Slabs is a secondary and quick method to memorialize the dead. This is often done if the dead body is far away from your fortress or you have no idea where your dwarf died.

dwarf fortress slabs preventing ghosts guide2

In creating Slabs, you will need to have a Stoneworker’s Workshop. You can quickly build it by pressing B and hovering over the Workshops icon. Make sure to have enough space for your workshop and stockpile since you might need multiple structures in the future.

dwarf fortress slabs preventing ghosts guide3

When the Stoneworker’s Workshop is already finished, click on the structure and add a new task. You can type ‘Slab‘ on the search bar or hover down the menu to find ‘Make rock slab.’

dwarf fortress slabs preventing ghosts guide4

Once the task is completed, click the Stoneworker’s Workshop again to add a new task called the ‘Engrave Memorial Slab.’ A new window will appear, allowing you to choose which dwarf or human to memorialize.

dwarf fortress slabs preventing ghosts guide5

Additionally, you can click the prioritize icon on the image above if you have pending tasks in your Stoneworker’s Workshop. This is a helpful tip if you have something that needs to finish swiftly.

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dwarf fortress slabs preventing ghosts guide6

Access the build menu (B) and click the Furniture to locate your Slab.

dwarf fortress slabs preventing ghosts guide7

Finally, find a specific spot for your Slab and don’t forget to tick the ‘Select Material after Placement‘ to avoid using unnecessary material in your inventory.

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