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Dwarf Fortress – Legends Mode Guide | Everything You Need to Know

There are heroes and then there are legends, heroes get remembered but legends never die.

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dwarf fortress legends mode guide everything you need to know

Dwarf Fortress is an exciting and complex pixel game released on Steam on December 6, 2022. It’s a fantasy world-building game that allows players to find resources and build their fortress amidst the unknown. The game has three modes: Fortress, Adventure (to be released on Steam soon), and Legends. This article covers everything you need to know about Legends Mode.

Everything You Need to Know in Dwarf Fortress Legends Mode

dwarf fortress legends mode guide everything you need to know2

Dwarf Fortress allows players to generate worlds and tweak them however they like. They can set the history length, map size, number of civilizations, number of beasts, and much more. This world-generation tool makes the game enjoyable since all playthroughs are unique and make players play it for a long time.

dwarf fortress legends mode guide everything you need to know3

As the game generates the world, there would be a list of events that happened throughout the history. These events could be later explored in the Legends Mode.

dwarf fortress legends mode guide everything you need to know4

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Once the game finished generating your world, the player will have the option to choose between three game modes:

  • Fortress Mode: This mode involves developing your Fortress to survive for a specific period.
  • Adventure Mode: This allows players to collect treasures, fight monsters, and complete quests with their preferred character.
  • Legends Mode: Players can explore past events and make the right decision while playing the two game modes above.

New players should spend the time to read and discover the vast histories of their generated world through Legends Mode. Remember that Legend Mode can only be used in a newly developed world without an active Adventure or Fortress mode.

dwarf fortress legends mode guide everything you need to know5

Legends Mode simply allows players to have the opportunity to have in-depth knowledge about the world they are exploring. Upon clicking the Legends Mode, you will be greeted with multiple categories, as shown in the image above. It can be the history of each civilization or any figure who has lived or died in the world. This would also help you locate and obtain some artifacts as you play the game.

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