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Caliber: Beginner’s Guide | Top Starting Tips

Increase your chances of winning matches even as a beginner in the game.




Caliber is one of the newest shooters to hit the market, releasing to Steam for free back on April 12, 2023. Unlike most shooter games out there, however, Caliber plays on a third-person perspective.

Also, the game focuses on tactical team plays, with four different classes to choose from as well as more than 60 operators who each have their own different gear and abilities.

That said, the mechanics of Caliber can be a bit confusing for beginners, especially since it plays differently than most shooter games online.

As such, we have created this beginner’s guide to give beginners some of the top tips that will help them get started.

Top Starting Tips for Beginners in Caliber

Source: Terrydactyl

The game can be somewhat overwhelming for new players to take in. While it has most of the mechanics that FPS games use, it also has its own unique mechanics enough for the game to start out.

When you play Caliber, you have to keep in mind that matches are centered around teams coming up with tactical decisions to gain the upper hand.

Due to that, you have to adopt the mindset that you can’t win a game all by yourself. So without further ado, here are the top five tips you should keep in mind as a beginner:

Make Sure to Revive Your Medic

Source: Terrydactyl

All classes in the game have the ability to revive a teammate once. However, the Medic is unique in that he can revive teammates up to six times!

This means that if you’re playing a class other than a Medic, you have to prioritize reviving your Medic teammate when you’re the last man standing in your team.

This way, the Medic can then proceed to revive all of your fallen teammates which can help turn the tides of battle.

Take Note of the Gray Circle

Each time you aim down your sights after moving or standing up, you’ll notice that a gray circle will appear in front of your screen. This is an indicator that your accuracy has dropped. However, this is just temporary.

This won’t be that noticeable if you’re playing either Support, Assault, or Medic. However, you will feel the difference if you’re playing as a Sniper.

Luckily, you can restore your accuracy back to normal by simply waiting it out. Once the circle disappears, you will be able to accurately hit your targets once again.

Use Flanking as a Solid Strategy

Source: Terrydactyl

Flanking is a really effective strategy in taking out your enemy team in Caliber.

Whenever you and your team encounter the enemy team, your best option is to split up and attempt to catch them off-guard by flanking.

Even if you’re the only one who flanks the enemy team, it will still give your team the upper hand as you can take down your enemies while they’re busy fighting against your teammates.

Take Note of Ability Cooldowns

As mentioned, each operator has his own unique ability waiting to deploy. However, these abilities will have a cooldown until they can be used again. Luckily, the game has a visual indicator telling you when the ability is available again.

You can see it on the left side of your teammate’s healthbar on the screen.

This is really important since it will help you coordinate with your team and decide when you should use your abilities.

Take Advantage of Auto-Spotting and Pinging

Whenever you spot an enemy during a match, your character will automatically call out their class. This lets you inform your team which enemy class is going in which direction.

However, you can extend that visibility for a longer period by pinging that enemy’s location. All you have to do is place your crosshair over them and press the ping hotkey.

Do keep in mind that your enemies can do the same. As such, you want to stay behind covers as much as possible so they won’t spot you easily.

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