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Bless Unleashed: How To Fish

A game is never truly great until it has fishing in it.




Barring the failure of it’s launch, Bless Online (rebranding to Bless Unleashed) came a long way to enjoy the playerbase it has now.  Reminiscent of old and new MMORPGs alike, it developed its own loyal fanbase that continues to enjoy everything the game has to offer now.

Like most MMORPGs, Bless employs a lot of life skill categories that players can do aside from their main jobs.  Crafting and gathering resources are included but the most recent addition set alight a fire in every gamer’s heart that enjoys this activity in other games.   Read on to find out how to get started on your journey as a fisherman in this game.

How To Fish In Bless Unleashed

How To Fish In Bless Unleashed

Like most lifeskills, you would need to unlock this feature first before you can take reign on your own fishing journey.  You need to start by looking for the NPC to begin this quest in Carzacor docks.  It’s impossible to miss if you look for the quest marker!

After unlocking this mechanic, you can then find fishing spots all throughout Lumios.  Different fish can be caught in different locations so make sure to fish on all of them as you come across one!

To catch a fish, you’ll need a rod, reel, line and bait.  After you’ve set your equipment, talk to the NPC near the fishing spot and aim with the RT/R2 button.  A power gauge will appear and you would need to hit the mark by releasing the RT/R2 button.

Once a fish bites, tap the button once then hold it to reel in the fish.  Make sure to watch your line as it will fight!  If you see your line turn yellow or red, release the button to refresh it before holding it again.   You’ll then be able to see the fish, the size of it and do as you want with it once you catch it.

That’s all there is to it!  You might want to hunt for the bigger fishes as they have more value when sold or salvaged.

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